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  1. If we are ready then yes definitely but it all depends on the team as a whole
  2. Hello I'm looking to find some people to form a team with an grind to hopefully make am or pro I'm currently onyx1900 if that matters a must is you need to be positive and overall fun to be around and willing to learn absolutely no negativity. All the rest we'll work on together. Hmu here or Xbox live my gt is Luck HCS
  3. Just letting you know if you want to get into tournaments you'll need to play at least 50hrs a week not 10-15 and that's alot less than you should
  4. I'm down to team for the 4v4 tourney. Just a question is it a premium tourney or no?
  5. BUMP Looking to join not start a team as I do not know how to do all the technical stuff.
  6. Hi I'm onyx 17 somthin and I'm looking to join a team for the open pro league in a decent player and with a team and enough training I and we could become great. My gt is driventechnine
  7. (Bump) my gt is driventechnine feel free to contact me on xbl
  8. Hi me and my teammate are looking for 2 more players to go competitive and eventually pro we are both onyx lvl players. I'm in pacific time zone and am on usually around 1-2pm to 12-2am most every day except Sunday. (this is for a long term team hopefully)
  9. Streaming halo 5 now come pop in foemr a spell https://www.twitch.tv/driventechnine
  10. BUMP I stream Monday to Saturday from around 3:00pm to around 7:00pm pacific time
  11. I'm currently just starting up in the streaming scene and I'm looking to grow. I play competitive halo and occasionally fun casual customs if you are lookin to watch someone pop in (driventechnine)'s stream or if your another streamer lets get together and help each other grow my gt is driventechnine
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