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  1. Optic better do something its sad they got more resources and support then any team to do good but still can't perform. HECZ better use that optic wallet and buy a top team.
  2. I got ANXTY thanks to this reset I already had Ahnxiety now I just need "Anxiety" .
  3. I was impressed with Randas gameplay today even though they had easy matchups. off topic: Me and my boy Remedy need 2 for upcoming events and online we both just got back into it I know we missed a lot but we learn quick hmu if you wanna run gt: ahnxiety not looking for mediocre gameplay.
  4. the second guy is my boy A.R look out for him hes doing big things from 330 to kc mo and all the way out to the bay area I say those areas because thats where his influence is from.
  5. ahnxiety

    OT Thread of OT

    If anyone still games feel free to add me my gt is Ahnixety or if you still use last.fm and I dont already have you .http://www.last.fm/user/mattmms.
  6. I have not been around these parts in years, my name on mlg was anxty for those who may remember me but for those who don't how is everyone doing? got on my old last.fm and seen a lot of OT and said to myself I wonder what ever happened to OT lol. feel free to add me if you still use it http://www.last.fm/user/MattMMS and im back playing h5 and a little pc gaming xbl: Ahnxiety
  7. 330 here im always in akron , canton or cleveland . If you're actually decent at the game and are a local hmu my gt is Ahnxiety looking to get back into playing.
  8. best list I ever seen I def agree on the sudds , totz , and mantrain can we get a lil poison honorable mention though?
  9. or you can tell him see what he thinks. akron to canton 330 movement MoB 2k16
  10. im on MCC finally thought it wouldnt be broken but I was wrong looking for some good games add me Ahnxiety.
  11. I must know who still uses this ish http://www.last.fm/user/MattMMS my homie that raps tell me what yall think ^

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