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  1. You're dense. I'm not going to respond to your entire post because, frankly, I'm sick of your shit. Firstly, it makes no difference what 343 has done in relation to TC. Trying to white knight TC to push an agenda is, as you say, "laughable." Anytime you bring TC up is to bring it back to 343. Cool, compare it to whatever other dev, but it doens't change the fact that they're making mistakes with Gears. At least you somewhat agree with unlocks. There's no way to slice it, they're the absolute worst. You can't release a time exclusive character packs that cost the amount of credits it takes days to earn, price them at 10 bucks, and make them available for a day. You simply can't. It is an an awful method. With weapon tuning: again, you just have to bring 343 in. No one cares what 343 is doing in relation to Gears. I get that you're so engulfed in talking about 343's incompetence whenever you can. Still doesn't mean TC has a very unhappy playerbase in terms of weapon tuning, a ranking system that doesn't function in any way a ranking system should, failed network structure that drops players before games so they can't implement quit penalties. Now, for your transparency garbage. This tells me you have little experience with the game. Either that or you aren't sure what you're looking for. Before TU2, blood splatters would show a default amount regardless where an enemy is shot. if you only connected half the pellets, then the blood would splatter as if you hit center mass. They say they change it to show visual feedback. Okay, great, but they leave us hanging in the wind with the issue players had a beef with, and that's blood showing when part of the shot misses (which players are still complaining and uncertain about). To close your post, you again bring up 343. I don't care what 343 is doing in this post. I care what is happening with GoW4. Your entire post is trying to spin TC as a great developer while putting another down, and to do so you're trying to make issues with GoW seem minuscule.
  2. A lot of people argue that they are, especially in this era of gaming. I don't personally care about them, but a lot of the GoW community plays to unlock their favorite characters. They get really upset when their motivation to play the game is behind a layer of ridiculously low payout credits to have only a chance at unlocking it. Then, if you don't want to spend the time getting credits, you can just lay down the cash. Yea, they are, but people sponging gnasher shots happens far too often. It's been such an issue that the last patch adjusted the amount of blood you see depending on if they pellets connected or not (however, we weren't told how the blood was adjusted which goes back to the transparency point). It's a ridiculously fun game and I play it all the time, but the larger GoW community is very upset. Heck, the recent UIR packs fiasco had people up in arms. Edit: Forgot to mention all the horde skills are behind the loot crate system.
  3. To further your point, spawns in a 3 cap are going to happen in relation to your team's rotation. If you rotate into yard to 3 cap, but leave, say, Lift open, then you'll have a prediction of spawning. The challenge is they rotating back to the stronghold you leave open.
  4. It's blatantly obvious a lack of understanding and experience with the gametype is present if we're claiming spawns in Strongholds are random (even in 3 cap situations). The spawns aren't random. Postulating something theoretically is entirely different that proving something through experience.
  5. Guys, the dissatisfaction with the game and TC is very valid. They've made a lot of mistakes that aren't apparent unless you have an ear to the ground with the Gears community. If you look from the outside in or casually play it, then you'll see that the gameplay hasn't strayed too far from the GoW formula, but there are a lot of aspect of the game and the studio that aren't likable. They haven't shown much transparency with the community, the microtransactions and unlock model of the game is borderline shady, the hit registration is abysmal at most times, the weapon tuning split has caused a lot of controversy with the community, and so many features are missing.
  6. Really fun, isn't it? There are a lot of complaints that could be made, and the game isn't perfect, but the core gameplay feels great. Edit: The next title update and maps should be teased today, so keep an eye out!
  7. Okay, bud. You've missed the point of pointing out the glaring flaws with TC. All good though. Have a happy holiday. Anyone know if the new settings are going to be extended to default maps in customs and Team Skirmish playlist?
  8. They don't communicate clearly. Just in the last update they made changes to visual representation of shots, but gave no information on what that meant. They also consistently say that they take feedback into consideration yet can't produce any outlets as to where the feedback comes from. As to weapon tuning, the community has been clamoring for consistent numbers for weapon damages and a consistent tuning rather than the core vs competitive system that bastardizes GoW combat in all but two modes. Yea, no transparency in that. You can't be serious when you say GoW has a slightly less awful and transparent gambling system. ROFL, you have a 24 hour pack that costs an amount of credits that is not possible to get in that amount of time priced at $10 all but forcing players to shell out actual cash for it. Their system is deplorable. I get you look to poo-poo anything 343 Halo related. That's fine. Doing that by saying The Coalition is great when you don't seem to have an ear to the ground to their community isn't a way to do it. Gears community outside of eSports (which also has awful micros) is much worse off that Halo's at this point. All this is off-topic though. Sorry if I've veered this thread off track. Just don't think Halo is the only franchise that has a community that can be dissatisfied. It isn't all gloom and doom.
  9. You guys can't be following the Gears scene very close. TC has been downright scummy with the treatment of their game. They make 343 look like saints with the way they handle their microtransactions, game updates, weapon tuning, and general communications. They do an alright job with the eSports scene, but the general game is in a bad state.
  10. Same. I'll play it when my friends want to, but it isn't something I turn to for a FPS game while playing alone. I've seen a lot of rumors about him on Twitter, I would love to know too. Also, any word on when settings may be implemented into matchmaking?
  11. That's genius. As Moa said, being SR 147+ is a bit disheartening when you gain EXP so slowly. I'm a fourth of the way through 147 and I have 2 million XP remaining. I was wishing they would lower the XP cap required to get 152, but your idea is better from a business standpoint and I wouldn't mind paying some cash for that. The only issue I could see would be them thinking that once 152 was reached, then people would stop playing the game.
  12. That's true. I hadn't considered that. It works in Gears as there isn't as many input commands. Now that I think about it, both L3 and R3 are used for crouching and melee on my scheme, so that wouldn't work out too well. I like the idea you suggested, though. At this point I think an unconventional method to radar in Halo should be used. It seems that it doesn't work well being on or off, so a middle ground perhaps.
  13. I really like that idea. It sounds very similar to the Gears of War spotting system. I assume you're meaning that an enemy will show up on radar if a teammate or yourself has them in their field of view? What if a spotting system was implemented? Have someone click the stick for the enemy that they see show up on teammates' radar for a short period of time.
  14. If only that were true. I play with a few guys that went to Onyx 1600 and are now at Diamond 5. Ranks could use from having MMR reset in the next season though.
  15. Sword can be pretty strong on Truth with the mobility options and speed increase while wielding it. Top mid is the best place for it though, I think. Placing it top mid requires exposing yourself to get the weapon, and decent map control to get it without being killed getting back to cover.
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