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  1. Thoughts about Halo 5's skill gap compared to the "classic" Halo games (lets say H2 and H3 in this case), on an individual and teamplay level? IMO, H5's pace, abilities, and ttk make it more difficult to carry a game through individual skill and requires more coordinated teamplay. Hence, the abundance of solidly skilled pros but a clear lack of contenders in the competitive scene - and also the sizable gap between AM and pro teams. (Until very recently when Splyce broke out as a top team). Whereas in older Halo's, individual gunskill was more impactful in the sense that 1vX situations were more manageable. Not to say that team-shooting and coordination wasn't required in those games as well.
  2. GL to Spartan. I guess we can assume it was personal issues with the team rather than skill. His play hasn't been mindblowing but he's consistent - still one of the better players in the pro circuit. Hope he can finally find a more permanent squad.
  3. It just sucks that we can talk about how 343 completely failed in marketing the HCS (most notably, failure to capitalize on HWC 2016 hype), constantly putting on poor live/online production, etc... but in the end Halo 5 is NOT FUN. And there's nothing that MLG (or any TO's) can do to change that. Any interest that MLG would capture through a quality event would diminish as soon as those new fans turn on the game.
  4. If anyone is interested I have an idea for making Pro League and LAN events more meaningful with a bigger incentive for both pros and ams to attend. **Numbers used are just to demonstrate the system, I realize my scaling probably isn't great. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pro league adopts a standings points system (similar to the NHL, if there are any fans in here): - Match win in pro league = 3 points - Match loss = 0 points **Random idea: If a match reaches game 5, loser gets 1 point Mid-season LANs award points based on team's placing (along with prize $$$ of course) For example: 1: 30pts 2: 25pts 3: 20pts 4: 15pts 5-6: 10pts 7-8: 5pts These placings are relative to other pro league teams... aka NOT the tourney top 8) This is important because it gives teams lower in the standings a chance to fight their way up the standings on LAN, and gives higher teams incentive to show up and try to maintain their lead in the standings. *ONLINE HALO WON'T MEAN AS MUCH* Now, in the event than an AM/Open Circuit team places top 8 at a LAN, they immediately earn a spot at relegations. Pro League finals will be seeded based on standings points: - The bottom 2 teams with the lowest Pro League points at the end of the season will fight for their league spot at relegation. - The entire top 6 will be invited to Pro League finals. - Winners of the relegation tourney will join the top 6 in the champ bracket. I think this would be a good way to make Pro League and Open LANs benefit each other and make for a more entertaining season for fans and players alike. Thoughts?
  5. I'm cool with blaming the potential failure of OC on E6 but 343 will still blame it on the community.
  6. So after all the truth bombs dropped by MLG Adam and valid points brought up by numerous amounts of people...who else is not surprised that no one from 343 has replied/offered input/begged for mercy/gave a vague response about a response that is coming 'very soon'?
  7. This guy actually said he's "not sure why wall running would be bad" go at it TB.
  8. How can you actually sit here and say that decisions are not as important as aim in this game? Pros are always preaching that your positioning/game awareness are more important than pure shot so I don't know where that idea comes from. As far as sprint in Halo 6: if they decide to remove sprint, they should go all the way and base the game on H2/H3 mechanics. If they do stick with sprint, don't add any more mechanics than what is currently in H5 (please god, no wall-running). As much as most of TB hates sprint because its not "Halo", the implementation in this game is very well done...especially compared to the clunky disaster in Reach/H4.
  9. I think as spectators more events is always better. I'm pretty sure the community can understand the players' perspective regarding the modest prize pools and its impact on whether or not the trip is "worth it"...but I don't think 1 LAN a year is enough to build and maintain a fanbase the way H2/H3 did (that is the goal right?). Fans/AMs want to see their favorite teams compete in an intense/live environment regardless of prize pool and they don't want to wait for 1 event a year to do it. It kind of sucks as a fan to finally have an opportunity to watch (maybe even meet) the teams that they watch on Twitch every single week only to find out that half of the pros don't even care to attend. Honestly just miss the days when teams showed up to every event to compete and prove that they were better than everyone else. Obviously most pro's are older now and have to think about income but still, those were the glory days.
  10. Forget about weapons/radar/shots to kill for a second....343, please fix the servers and matchmaking. Both have become increasingly worse throughout recent months. Fake lunges/melees/beatdowns, enemies eating shots, increased player drop outs, etc. There are enough clips from pros on twitter + pro league for this to be considered a legitimate issue, it just isn't acceptable especially in a ranked-only matchmaking system. As far as matchmaking goes, as an onyx we should not be consistently matched with gold/platinum players against a full diamond team. Where is the logic? It is extremely difficult to carry in this game and its just not fair for all players involved. This is a big problem for anyone 1500-1700. It would make so much more sense for players in this range to match higher onyx players instead of gold-diamond. I love this game, its been my favorite competitive console shooter this year but recently its just causing more frustration than fun and its a real shame. If anyone from 343 sees I'm just asking as a fan to please make an effort.
  11. Big ups to Tashi for replying, good to know these haven't been forgetten! Any guesses on which orgs are getting skins? I doubt they're going to release all 6 but who knows
  12. Stop replying to week and a half old no-radar posts please... Anyway, I got LG over nV for the upset pick today.
  13. Holy shit I don't even know how to feel right now. All the way from Optic Halo being dropped, Maniac retiring, to CLG being signed by OpTic
  14. @@kidstandout I agree, adding a social team arena playlist and a defined HCS playlist would fix all of these issues...unfortunately its highly unlikely at this point in the game's life cycle.
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