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  1. Console esports aren't the future. All the popular titles are played on PC. Reality is that average console player is casual gamer playing on TV instead of monitor, someone who doesn't care at all about esports. PC gaming community has more "hardcore gamers" who put more effort into gaming. The audience is larger. Some things would have to be rebalanced in order for Halo to succeed on PC but I don't think the changes would have to be too drastic. I think the positives outweigh the negatives.
  2. These are answers she got from Twitter. Is she sure people actually want those things? Might be vocal minority.
  3. God I miss LANs. That victory was robbed from EG. Shit like this makes me want to not watch pro league.
  4. I'm pretty sure someone from Microsoft (I assume Phil Spencer) said few months ago that they'll bring mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One. So put console controller players vs. PC controller players and console m&kb users vs. PC m&kb users.
  5. Has anyone else seen this loading screen before? Saw it for the first time ~hour ago. I love how many HCS references 343 has added to loading screens.
  6. Overgrowth Strongholds isn't my favorite game mode, but I'd let it stay and remove Empire Strongholds. Riptide might be one of the worst maps in the history of Halo, but I think they should try adding teleporters. Surely it wouldn't play much worse. Probably still wouldn't be enough to save the map though.
  7. TFW you're reading all these cool stories, but you're a H4 kid.
  8. Fathom CTF is officially my least favorite game type to watch. Also fuck full replays. I'm going to sleep.
  9. Didn't see this day coming, I've broken my accidental neg virginity. I'll upvote few of your posts.
  10. Honestly confuses me how many people think that E6 or nV should break up. Both teams seem to have good chemistry and they're the most likely teams to take down CLG. Let's not forget that E6 is the only team to win CLG since X Games and nV was only few kills away from beating CLG.
  11. Official Halo Twitter should tweet about tournaments and I think they could mention tournaments in weekly updates. Official Halo Twitter could also promote pro players Twitch streams and Youtube videos. More pros should focus on making Youtube content. Pros should also make more content geared towards casual community, maybe custom games, compilations of funny clips or challenge videos (for example try to win a game without shooting). Something everyone can enjoy regardless if they're not interested in competitive scene. I think pros could also go to places where casual community is, like Reddit. I feel like many casuals have negative preconceptions towards pros and I'm sure they would appreciate pros coming to the places where the casual community is.
  12. Thanks for the shout out. I'm that same guy, just made my account yesterday after lurking for a few months. Excited for the pro league!

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