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  1. So is nV the new EG? Wins 1 event against CLG/OG before worlds qualifying and falls off sharply in time for worlds?
  2. LG up 2-0 according to simms but went down 1-0 according to @@Craneteam , idk what to believe
  3. Cratos' shot today man, loving to see him back up what he says. Despite the shady seed crap, going off their gameplay they deserve to be at worlds ​Edit: OH SHIT PNDA TOP 4 Edit 2: OH SHIT CRATOS DOUBLE POSITIVE
  4. Imagine if Mose and respectful don't qualify again Edit: They'd never lose the online lcq though
  5. ALG with 2 1-kill slayer wins holy crap chad wasn't lying when he said they were gonna finish strong
  6. T2: 'Do you not wanna finish 5/6th cause you'll end up in relegation in the final.. uh next season' (paraphrased)

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