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  1. trigger warning - move to the nearest halo safe space. its currently being used to shield supporters of radar from those who disagree with them.
  2. wow these scrubs are clinging to their radar. I would too if I carved out my niche at the top of a game with it in. lets add it to csgo and give full map awareness to mobas and RTSs peace out halo 5
  3. dont feed trolls man! never accomplishes anything. hope your app does well!
  4. yea he was just a fan and came up with a new name now hes Butters
  5. Caster Butters impression of @@TheSimms https://clips.twitch.tv/caster_butters/HelplessRhinocerosStrawBeary
  6. suspector is playing with spartan ATM its probably the EU starcraft 2 player showtime
  7. is it just me or is it slightly rediculous that 343 hasnt addressed issues with settings, hasnt released settings for the next season, just a few weeks beforehand I appreciate snipedown but he shouldnt have to be balancing broken maps based on what I am seeing, this really is unacceptable for a title this large. people should be fired.
  8. I disagree with this and don't know how you could take a stance like this! Halo is at stake here!
  9. Not sure if this was posted. I had a blast watching ryans stream playing no radar. he was having a lot of fun with it, laughing and just enjoying the game. it was one of the best halo streams I have watched since the game was released hands down. just was a lot of fun.
  10. im all but decided that if this is the case, im not going to be following competitive halo much anymore :-/ not to be a tool, im just done with it how things are unfortunately
  11. I think watching no radar spoiled me. I would love to watch some halo streams but have no interest in watching radar games. yuck.
  12. Ola and Snip3down talking about no radar https://clips.twitch.tv/ryanoob/EagerTarsierPMSTwin
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