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  1. It's amazing to see how EnVy's logic behind practice at the beginning has given them success (They kept scrimming CLG to get better because they were the best practice for them)
  2. Can anyone summarize what's going on between Cratos and RyaNoob? Also would love to know why Cratos is always portrayed as the bad guy.
  3. Casters REALLY need to stop mentioning the LCQ in arguments. Yes, Liquid and OpTic were the last team to get into the league, but just because they were the last doesn't make them the worst. Once you're in, everyone starts off equal in terms of standings. 99 Knicks, 2012 Kings, this kind of stuff happens in sports where the last team to squeak in actually ends up getting to the finals, and in the Kings situation, actually win.
  4. It's looking bad for OG :-( It's hard to pick, heart says RNG and I really like Ninja, but #Greenwall. Can't decide, FeelsBadMan
  5. Any scrims happening tonight? Thought OG vs EG was legit, nothing on any of their twitters. Edit: EG vs OG is indeed happening, Roy is streaming right now with that as the title.
  6. I accidentally posted without finishing what I meant to say Feels Man
  7. Disregard women Make rep OG has a good halo team now and I finally have a reason to get even more geekier in terms of eSports knowledge. I love you guys.
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