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  1. Just played a game of H5 after 24/7 binging Halo Online like I was 17 again. I have withdrawals and am checking into my nearest halo rehab center. The logo has a spartan in a wheelchair and a bald janitor guy who keeps saying 1th maybe it'll be alright here. (sEnD hElP pLz)
  2. "Hmmm.... can you back this up with data? Because here at 343 our data shows that 7 million halo sports enthusiasts are very much enjoying the product. Either way we'll pass this along to the right people and come back with a further update down the road." I'm available if you need a corporate shill 343 DM me.
  3. I disagree but, the relation wasn't that it was predatory it was that there was other more important things to have finished working on first. Charging someone full price for a game you'll finish later but go ahead and buy a helmet if you want isn't a thing I wanted in a halo game. As for it being predatory it isn't Star Wars bad by any means but you if its luck based there will always be some predatory part to it. If I can buy a skin or play long enough to unlock it that's a separate issue and one that would absolutely change my perception of its lootbox system. That being said my original point of having all that in place but waiting a year and a half or however long before you start testing assault for example is absurd to me. Further backed by the fact that since launch Halo 5 is now around 100gbs of 343s passion.
  4. Passion isn't releasing a game with microtransactions completely implemented but only 3-4 gametypes w/o oddball, assault (I'd even take extraction.) Passion isn't letting an org run events for your passionate project by having 20-40 minute wait times with most games not even being shown on stream for 2 years. It sure isn't having a venue for a "world championship" that's so embarrassing everyone's talking about it. I also wouldn't call a developer passionate when instead of listening to feedback from people that stopped putting a halo disc in their console they would rather check the "data" from sources very few people even knew existed until it was too late. Imo if this is passion 343 can keep it.
  5. It's probably a small industry because it's run by egotistical non-creative types who can't handle the idea that their copycat ideas and lack of innovative games are worthy of criticism. Keep adding those micro transactions though..
  6. If it turns out to not be MLG can someone clip the announcement and then put the GTA wasted font with a fade to red that'd be great.
  7. I've gone through 3 travel sized bottles of lotion since they teased an announcement, but I hear ya.
  8. Mlg or riot? Please be Mlg. I need to believe again, I'll give up a kidney 343.* (*Will not actually give up kidney.)
  9. Yeah I personally wouldn't take my time growing my brand to invest in a 343 product when the majority of the comp community feels as though 343 isn't invested in its community. If Str8's brand continues to grow they'll probably be outta halo entirely down the road especially considering recent events and financial growth outside of halo. Even Nadeshot signed a CSGO team without having a CoD team because he knows it's a better investment. Edit: this comes off a bit harsh on Halo as a game but the point was more about 343. Halo just so happens to be collateral due to its parent being imo incompetent.
  10. Not sure if you're an NF fan but if not I'd recommend checking him out, and Token is pretty good for the slim shady vibes. (Personal opinion) Edit: New Eminem= 343 halo era. (Factual statement)
  11. We shit talking cod and it's skill level? Let me know when AGLBrad announces ring girls and updated extraction settings.
  12. Anyone else find it strange that 343 is basically telling the community to give them proof that what they liked about old Halo games would make new games successful and fun? Hey customer prove to me that you'd buy this go ahead I dare ya. Nah 343, you sell me on your watered down future game it's not my job to sell you on anything. They must really they think they're some hotshot do nothing wrong developer. When they announce Halo 6 some people will probably say man that's an improvement they might be listening to us now. It'll release unfinished then 3 months later when the majority is gone and no patches have come in (if they do it'll be a 30gb update and all you get is to choose a pack of hubba bubba for your spartan) people will fuss YouTube videos of "what the community needs" will come out again. It's become a cycle. Losing and gaining slight hope in 343 has become the new wake up early on Saturday and 1v1 on guardian. It's our new favorite pastime. I wanna be dead wrong and feel like a dumbass in 2 years but at that point Halo will be a franchise with bad games just as long as it was a franchise with great ones. (Rant over)
  13. Just out of pure curiosity, do you hold a walkie talkie while typing? Because my imagination hopes you do. Also how come you don't check in and only out?? It's like a Kramer thing. Oh, also I don't like the things going on in Halo right now (Discussion thread obligations) keep fighting the good fight bros.
  14. As a special recognition can we get a special in game voiceover where Roy is the announcer and blames Lunchbox for everything? Please, thanks.
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