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  1. When you think you're after clicking into the wrong halo forum
  2. Tsquared, Blakerz, Chaser and Prototype is the Str8 Rippin roster.
  3. Ace usually streams scrims as far as I'm aware. https://www.twitch.tv/acetv
  4. Is the seeding for Bracket play using the same format as Worlds? Edit: I was too slow
  5. As a Joe, I am appalled by this blatant discrimination against all Joes here. I've suffered enough and I will suffer no more.
  6. How did Str8 Rippin retain their LCQ spot even after making more than one roster change? Is there something I missed here?
  7. Was absent for the weekend. Is there anywhere I can catch a recap of the Open Qualifiers or could anyone fill me in on what rosters made it?
  8. Lol @@zapzapped, the dude asks for people to name EU players and @@Featherz names about a dozen and he negs the comment
  9. Have you not seen some of the huge orgs that have been involved in the EU Halo scene?
  10. Did you not read what Smee said at all? The structure for the leagues is good in my opinion too. I like NA being 8 teams. It makes it so it wasn't a stroll in the park for some teams to get in. Competition is a good thing to have. Seeing as though one of Elevate, Liquid or OpTic won't make it into the league. On the EU side of things there are some good squads that deserve to be in the league. Jimbo's team, Batchford's team, Mose's team and the Buks too. There's plenty of competition for the EU spots. I really don't see why you're arguing this point.

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