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  1. That's interesting, please describe this mod to us. The way custom maps work right now is that everybody in your game needs to manually download the map from the internet to be able to play. We are planning to enable automatic custom map downloading in the future.
  2. Go to your Halo 2 install directory (usually in C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo2\) Delete the xlive.dll and the xlive.ini files Run h2launcher.exe and click Update. After it has finished updating, click Play and see if the problem has been solved. If not, try turning off your firewall.
  3. You're so braindead it's not even funny. First, if you think I'm lying about the population, why don't you go and fucking see for yourself? And what proof do you have? You already said you weren't going to download the game in your previous post so I'm assuming that a dumb fuck like you has no idea what he's talking about. Second, how am I misleading people about the "quality"? Every feature that I listed on the original post works as written. There have been countless posts on this thread PROVING that this project has increased the quality of the game. Third, who the fuck are you? Everybody has shit on you on this forum, why are you EVEN HERE? You are the unwanted garbage of teambeyond that keeps coming back to spread his cancerous posts. I'm disgusted that I have to share this forum with filth like you.
  4. You no longer need a product key to play Halo 2 Vista Read this thread: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/13305-halo-2-vista-multiplayer-back-online-fixed-project-cartographer/
  5. Thank you for the positive feedback! Yes, there is a way to hide the watermark. Please follow the steps below: 1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo 2 (or wherever your Halo 2 is installed) 2. Open the xlive.ini file using Notepad (it's right under the xlive.dll file) 3. Change the "debug" and "debug log" values to 1 4. Save the changes
  6. We can actually ban players, if you see a hacker, come to our Discord channel (https://discordapp.com/invite/0TKY0SDEUHAWL4sG#discord, go to the halo_2 chat channel) and tell us his exact player name (caps, numbers ,etc.). Most likely there will be a server admin who will boot and/or ban them. With the next update we're going to make everyone register on our website so we can easily track the player population and quickly ban hackers.
  7. That happens every couple of weeks, the games are there, you just can't see them. This means that the master server needs to be restarted on our end. Usually someone will let us know through Discord and we'll fix the issue within the hour. Have you played recently? I've played both the MCC and Halo 2 Vista and I don't feel a significant difference between the two in terms of game mechanics. If anything, Halo 2 Vista has improved hit registration and not even half the bugs that MCC has.
  8. The lag is caused from the number of Colombians playing on our servers. We plan to block them in the future. Also, if you're using the Halo 2 Fixer Upper, it shouldn't affect your controller's aim, but thank you for the feedback. Judging from your profile, I doubt that you represent "this audience" or even this community haha.
  9. Yeah I know what you mean. That's in our to-do list after we enable Ranks, Voice Chat and In Game Map Downloads. It can definitely be done, it's just a matter of prioritizing the main features that need to be added right now. Most likely within the next month, the spawn points will be fixed.
  10. Update your copy of Halo 2 to the latest version Here is the latest update for Halo 2 Vista: http://h2v.halomaps.org/index.cfm?pg=3&fid=2232 ( Run as admin) To verify that Halo 2 has the latest update by going to the Main Menu > then Settings > About. The version should be If your problem still has not been solved, come to our Discord (if you don't have Discord, it is also available through a web browser): https://discordapp.com/invite/0TKY0SDEUHAWL4sG#discord The max amount of players that I've seen on a given time are around 45. But usually the number of online players fluctuates between 20-40. However, unlike MCC you don't have to wait for matchmaking since we are using dedicated servers, you can jump right ingame.
  11. Like LingLing said you cannot just "bring" a Halo 3 Map to Halo 2 PC. However, you could REMAKE said map using the Halo 2 map tools available on halo2vista.com (Go to the H2MT tab, stands for Halo 2 Map Team). Also, if you explore the Halo 2 forums, you'll see that they are already many accurate and successful remakes of Halo 3 maps that have already been made. In the next update, we are going to enable in game map downloading, making it easier for everyone to play custom maps. Because right now, if you host a game with a custom map, nobody will be able to join unless they have that map (most likely they won't).
  12. You need to use xinput9_1_0.dll instead of the xinput1_3.dll that comes with Duranzo. Halo 2 only recognizes xinput version 9_1_0 (idk why, it should theoretically use both). Here is a download for xinput9_1_0.dll: http://www.filedropper.com/xinput910 (File is virus free, disregard Chrome's "harmful file" message) Place it in your Halo 2 install directory.
  13. Just added gameplay videos and picture of the original Xbox FOV on PC, check the original post.
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