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  1. Well, Lethal was due to disappoint us and lose a series, but both in the same night: go figure, right? Remember guys, Snipedown's due...could be the night!
  2. I'm not surprised. NV was due for a loss. Now that they got it out of the way it's straight to the top. CLG should be worried that NV got it out of the way so early.
  3. Congrats to Clg, for whatever you won and whoever you are.
  4. I'm taking what Vin had. He gave it to me. I never question him!
  5. EG top 2 confirmed. That being said, Snipedown is due for a win. Next season! I really think if Commonly was able to eat RNG would be a top 4 team. Wait a minute? They are! Honestly guys I'm going to drop some Intel, nobody is more due for a tournament win than Ninja. If you think about it, H1Z1 invitational was his last win, I like him a lot for the next H1Z1 tournament this Fall. Still like CLG for the Pro League LAN though, but they are really really due for a loss. E6 is coming for them! Cratos is the best in the game folks, but only at interviews. Huke is what Suge Knight was to Tupac and Cratos is a lot like Tupac. Bubu and Shooter are the Outlaws! My whole point here is CLG is East coast and E6 is west side! The beef is brewing! I want to see a vlog from that private jet! Lethal is Biggie Smalls just for the record before he wonders. Drake is not factored into this equation but if he was, he would be Maniac.
  6. No, they were not and are not the problem... Commonly was and always will be, the 'problem'. He's a big ass problem. Haha! RNG v EG was a classic last night, that's what I like to see. Major props to the forums and 343 for getting T2 in the booth. He's been a revelation. I'd like to see a 3 man booth. Strongside, T2, and Elamite. I think they all add different dimensions.
  7. Well, can't say I didn't warn you. They were overdue...congrats to e6, which is eg, with an upside down g, so I was right. Does this feel like a Would post yet? Haha. We back!
  8. Maybe if Eg scrimmed more they would crowd fund. I blame Snipedown.
  9. CLG the incredible, Do you know what it takes? To be great? Are you willing to go that extra mile? A grinder wakes up early - he stays up late You will get tired, But if you have a why. If you have the courage and the mentality to engage in consistent action. If you have staying power. Why are you different from everybody else - trying to do the same thing? What makes you so special? Somebody is waiting for you to fail. Somebody is waiting for you to give up. Some one is waiting for you to...fall. So don't just talk about it your grind. Show me! First you set the standard - then you raise the bar. First you set the standard - then you raise the bar. Dedication, Hard work.
  10. Well I'll say in my expert opinion based purely on who is due to win any not anything else Pool A - Optic and RNG. Pool B - NV and Liquid. Especially with Goldenboy directing traffic in a suit and tie with a liquid jersey over it while commentating, calling out power up times and coordinating pushes! I really love Liquid in this spot. I'm pretty sure all halo matches come down to who is due to win and who is due to lose. Almost nothing else matters. If you understand nothing, understand this: Optic is going to win 100%. I'm also guaranteeing a RNG win right now. E6 is going to get DUED.
  11. Wait so Goldenboy is going to be coaching and casting? Gonna be lit. Hope all is well w Apg and his team. Wish Goldenboy luck too and hope all his casting knowledge will translate to proper coaching.
  12. I watched the first 8 games of Eg and Clg...I think it's safe to say...that I was Lethal's toughest opponent yesterday. And...I'm due for an up-vote.
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