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  1. It has to do with how Jack carry's herself on social media. There's also a story there but it's not my place to tell nor does it belong on this board.
  2. Probably not considering it wasn't Che's idea to place an embargo.
  3. Honestly though I think what needs to happen is for 343 to state that they're listening and address everything they can. At the end of the day you can't make everyone happy, but initiative to show they care is what needs to happen
  4. Yea Jack Felling is a woman Made a edit to say spoilers too
  5. She did not play GOW but she is sure passionate about GOW esports. Also spoilers Jack is a woman.
  6. Guess Tashi will become new head of eSports? I actually would want to know who you guys prefer.
  7. a tid bit about E6 (Might get neg'ed but this is from exp and not baseless fanaticism) Feel it's unfair that people are putting General and Principle in bad light, Are they fuck you rich? Yes they are. I've met both of them at UMG D.C. and they were probably the most two down to earth people. The thing about Principle is that the end of the day is very old school wall street and see's esports as a business. His attitude about is the same as him running a business. I just think the pitch fork mentality is a bit played at this point.
  8. DAMN, I got 6 replies. All you lovely people. Thx <3 :wink:
  9. anyone got up to date brackets? the guys over at eSportpedia apparently took the day off
  10. It was in a pro stream, I just forget which one at the moment.
  11. I hate rumors, but word is Ogre might retire. I really feel bad for Seduce who's a beast has to go back to Aussie land.
  12. Well we don't know individual stats, so I'm sure he knows what needs to be done
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