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  1. I'm hoping the next HWC incorporates oddball and assault. We need more gametypes.
  2. Just bought my first house here in Southern New Jersey for 170k. But if you go a little north of me, 170 wouldn't buy you much. So it's absolutely plausible that they could buy a new home outright with their winnings, just really depends on the area they want to live in.
  3. CLG 50-43 on the rig. Also, I want an east coast event so bad. Haven't been to one since the D.C. Reach combine.
  4. Could be. I hope that's the problem. Also Pro League hype!!!
  5. My prediction. Good guy CLG will complete the fastest 4-0 sweep in history to allow us all to watch TWD.
  6. Very happy for Naded. Very sad for this shitty tournament layout.
  7. To be fair to ninja, he's been preaching double elim since early online tournaments.
  8. Not sure why you're being negged. It's pretty embarrassing one of those 2 teams will outplace both EG and RNG.
  9. What the hell is tilt? And when did it become cool to say over and over? #ifeelold
  10. I love when the 2 best matchups of the tournament are on Saturday!
  11. Best of 5's in a 2.5 million dollar tournament. Never change 343
  12. It's all good. Event Naded will show up in pivotal games.
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