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  1. Sixers did Hinkie so Dirty. Pretty fucked up.


    He'll be viewed just like Ed Wade is in philly in about 2020. Someone who put together a championship team and didn't get a ring for it.

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  2. Yawn. I throw rings out when I make lists like this and just judge on player skill. Duncan would have been 5 if that matters and Shaq 6th. I just think those 4 were so above them, I didn't even bother putting them on there.

  3. lol at Kap not wanting to take a paycut to play for defending champs

    Just using his leverage. He knows the Broncos have no other options. Unless they want to roll with Sanchez, a rookie, or some scrub like Hoyer. Smart on his (and the 49ers) part.


    I think he'll eventually take a pay cut, but somethin small like 2-3 mil.

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  4. 4/2 MLB Predictions


    AL Predictions:

    EAST: Blue Jays

    CENTRAL: Indians

    WEST: Astros


    WC2: Rangers


    AL Champ: Astros


    NL Predictions

    EAST: Nationals

    CENTRAL: Cubs

    WEST: Dodgers

    WC1: Mets

    WC2: Pirates


    NL Champ: Cubs


    WS: Cubs over Astros

  5. Lmao


    Sorry your terrible franchise has bottomed out and you're forced to support a team with 9 wins because maybe this time we'll draft the player that will save us!!!!


    Your front office is a embarrassment. The Celtics and Sixers started rebuilding around the same time. One team is in the playoffs and has far better coaching and players and still has a future while trying to win. The other has 9 wins and every young player has regressed, haven't played a single NBA game, or traded.

    Yawn. The sixers were one and done or 2 and done for like 4 years straight. It sucked dick. Unless youre a top 2 team in the east, you have no shot. So theres literally no point. 


    I'd rather get all young talent now, and then compete when Lebron is retired. 

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  6. You may want to peak at some advanced stats...


    He may be the worst defensive player in the NBA. His game is suited for the 90s. 


    His ceiling is Al Jefferson. 

    Well thats obvious. Hes never been known for his defense. Thats what the Sixers (And other teams that wanted to draft him) are banking on him improving. Hes far from the worst, and he'll improve. Jah's a great player and he'll thrive in the NBA whether we trade him or not. 


    I'm just saying. He outplayed Russell both times this season that they went head to head and he has better offensive stats. 

  7. He definitely doesn't suck. He's fucking good and Byron/Kobe Good Bye party has fucked all the young talent until more recently. 


    10x the player Okafor has been and has at least shown he has a future in the direction the NBA is going. 


    Okafor has just caused distraction after distraction, been hurt, and played bad. 



    Give me the young guy that made a mistake, but can actually play in this league. 

    Jahlil has better stats on a worse team.....

  8. Kobe snitched to the 5-0 on Shaq. 


    He's been doing okay since then. 


    If he performs people will forget. 



    AND calling Russell immature when your team drafted Okafor is HILARIOUS. Kids do stupid things. They get amplified by the spotlight. 

    Thats a big IF. Russell sucks. 


    Difference is, Okafor got a speeding ticket and a few fights. I think everyone on this forum has done those 2 things. They aren't a major thing that will cause a trust issue in a locker room. 

  9. Yeah and drafting three centers wasn't dodging a bullet?


    10 of the 15 players on this roster won't even be on the team next year. No one cares.

    New players will care. 100%.


    Like I said, this ain't career threatening. But for the next few years, It'll be a big issue. 

  10. lol at using this as the reason why you're glad you didn't draft him

    Cause hes immature as fuck? I'm sure GMs feel the same way I do. Dodged a bullet. 

  11. If he literally tells me at the end that he's recording me and he actually didn't release it, then yes. My friends did stupid things at that age considering he's like 14 years old.

    If my friend did that to me at the age of 19, we aren't friends anymore. This is the type of shit 13 year old middle school girls do. Who the fuck records a private conversation with a friend anyway? 


    If my friends and I recorded every one of our conversations, all of us would be single/divorced and half would be in jail. And that's probably true for most guys here too. 

  12. lol don't lie you wanted Russell just like everyone else... hell even I wanted him, and would still take him, this is all gonna blow over, he didn't break any rules or hurt anyone so people will forget soon enough. 

    Never wanted him. Mostly just because I hate Ohio State and all they stand for. 


    And cause I'm a white boy and love the Dukies. 

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  13. Maybe I'm a delusional fan but people acting like DLO's career is irreparably damaged is kind of insane.

    His career? No.

    But the next couple years? Absolutely. 


    No one is even going to want to talk to this guy anymore. And I can't blame them, if a friend or colleague in real life did that to me, i would never speak to them again. So happy the Sixers didn't have the opportunity to take this douche. 

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