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  1. Only if Titanfall was a launch title.  Think of all the people who are holding out on getting an XB1 untill Titanfall releases in March. 


    Yep thats exactly what I'll be doing.


    Partially because I don't care about the launch titles, and partially because Dropping $500+ on November 22nd would fuck me over when trying to buy Christmas presents for family and friends.

  2. too bad he's like 3-30 against ranked opponents, I'd definitely take Johnny, Teddy, and that dude from Bama who has a really hot gf and just won back to back national championships.. you may have heard of him. 

    I'd take Johnny over Murray but thats it. 


    McCarron is nothing but a game manager.

    Teddy plays aganist nobodies. 


    1. Manziel

    2. Murray

    3. Boyd

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