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  1. Bill

    NFL Thread

    Won my fantasy championship on that last minute pick 6. I love you NaVorro Bowman <3
  2. Bill

    NFL Thread

    HAHAHAHAHA COWBOYS HAHAHAHAHA ROMO EAGLES 41-17 over the cowgirls this weekend.
  3. Yep thats exactly what I'll be doing. Partially because I don't care about the launch titles, and partially because Dropping $500+ on November 22nd would fuck me over when trying to buy Christmas presents for family and friends.
  4. Bill

    NBA Thread

    Can't believe the Sixers traded him.
  5. Bill

    MLB Thread

    Fuck Ruben Amaro
  6. Bill

    NBA Thread

    Tell him to stop winning. I want Wiggins
  7. Watched it a few days ago. After I watched one, I couldn't stop, soooo addicting. I even found out M2K lives like 5 min from me. Great documentary, props to the dude who made it.
  8. I wouldn't be able to attend unless its on the east coast. Travel (other than driving a few states away) would just be too much money around the holidays. But I'd absolutely watch every second of it on stream.
  9. South Jersey here. Always looking to Lan any halo. GT = BTB Bill
  10. Midship CTF, Warlock CTF, and Lockout Slayer were my favorites for MLG/Hardcore. For regular MM, I loved 1 flag and bomb on zanzibar. Also loved BTB flag/bomb on Headlong.
  11. Bill

    NCAA Football Thread

    I'd take Johnny over Murray but thats it. McCarron is nothing but a game manager. Teddy plays aganist nobodies. 1. Manziel 2. Murray 3. Boyd
  12. Bill

    NCAA Football Thread

    Georgia bout to go off. Murray the 2nd best QB in the nation.
  13. I couldn't agree more. In my opinion, thats why the game has a population below 20k everyday.
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