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  1. Games like that are why I never could root for a hockey team even as a Philly kid. The flyers and their fans are still stuck in 1975, could never bring myself to root for that garbage mentality.


    Lol Hotlby has more points than G.

  2. Most professional players are hitting their prime at the age of 28. I.e. Lebron James, Michael Jordan just to name a couple

    Curry, Harper, trout, stamkos, Crosby, Antonio Brown, JJ watt, Messi. All under 30 and all the best at their sport.


    It's probably just having younger bodies physically. So I'm just saying, you can't compare real sports and Halo when it comes to age. OG2 could very well be a pro at age 40. Who knows. He still seems like a great player to me.

  3. My friend in the air force posted a picture on FB a few nights ago saying he bought one near Las Vegas. I guess the Gronk monster is out on the west coast.


    Also, pretty interesting read about Doug Pederson fucking his secretary and how he was basically out no matter what in KC. Typical that Lurie and Howie got played like a fiddle and hired a clown coach.



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