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  1. I have no faith in the Cavs they could be up by 40 and I still wouldn't count the Ws out

    Agreed. The Warriors could go on a 20-0 run like its nothing.

  2. y would the 6ers do that when they can have him for nothing next season

    I agree. That's just what the rumor is right now.


    I'm sure we'll end up trading Okafor instead.

  3. Thoughts on The Jets and Fitz situation.?


    Im with the jets and not paying an average QB over 10mil a season. The jets arent winning a super bowl with Fitz so theres no reason to pay him like he will.

    I agree. But I'm damn sure not rolling with Geno. I'm either signing Manziel or starting Petty if I'm the jets.


    But they'll end up signing Fitz to appease the fans.

  4. Some team is going to get one hell of a steal because some dumb ass posted a video on Twitter. What a time to be alive.

    Agreed. I hope it's not the Giants. It's just weed. Dude obviously got hacked. It's stupid, no doubt. But it could have been much worse.

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