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  1. Yea between him in Hopkins, the Texans will have some ridiculous fantasy production. 


    What do you guys think of Elliot? I know he's a rookie but that O-line in dallas... 

    If he stays healthy, He's a top 3 RB. 


    Garbage Mcfadden ran for 1000 behind that line in a year where the passing game wasn't even productive. Zeke runs for 1,400. 

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  2. Clearly your league is only competitive if you talk about how competitive it is on the internet

    Thats true as well lol. 


    I'm just saying, we have 12 dudes who live Fantasy Football year round. Not many leagues have that. Sad, yes. But it does make for a great atmosphere. 

  3. Lets get that monopoly money rollin' bb

    Straight cash homie.


    But obviously its not the money that makes it competitive (it helps), its the caliber of players in the league. 

  4. wayyyy too competitive for me bro, plus you probably already had your draft two weeks ago

    Nah 3 weeks from now. I'll be sure to post the draft board afterwords to give you fellas some insight. 


    We're all flying down to Florida for the Draft Lottery next weekend tho. Gonna be lit. 

  5. in no league should Romo ever be a keeper


    ok maybe Bill's super competitive league, but thats it

    Lol buy in is upped to $1000 this year. You in?


    But obviously I agree, Romo isn't a keeper unless you literally have no one else of value. 

  6. Okay man, how much you want to bet that if he's healthy, Pittsburgh is in the AFC championship game this year? With those weapons he's got, nobody should be favored to beat them in the AFC outside of New England. 

    If him and Bell are healthy they win the SB last year. No doubt. 

  7. Is there a sidelines reaction to the Rodgers to Janis hail mary in it? We should have gone for 2...

    Yeah they show everyone reacting to it. Even Arians' wife lol. That stadium was quiet as hell. I believe it's in the 2nd to last episode.

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