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  1. I think if I was the Vikings I'd trade AP. Guy is a monster, but he's had injury problems and so far it looks like the Vikings are gonna be alright.


    Get good value out of an all star like AP

    Can't trade him, his salary is too high. He'll be released after this season, and possibly resign with minny for much less money. 

  2. Gotta be a compound fracture or a dislocated knee. They're the only lower leg injuries I could think of that bringing an ambulance out would be necessary. 

  3. The Chargers airing this bullshit in front of the general public for sympathy is pathetic.  If the Chargers didn't start out with that joke of an initial offer on which they stewed over for 2 weeks I doubt they would be in this situation.  They started at like 42.5% up front WITH offset language. Ramsey the 5th pick got 83% up front and no offset language.  They should have traded the pick and moved down to their perennial 7-9 range where they belong.  People that side with the organization in these matters are beyond me.  Lets side with the owners pocket book!   

    100% agree. 


    People just love siding with the media and the organizations. Pretty stupid if you ask me, everyone should know that the players get shafted at every opportunity in the NFL. 

  4. I mean it wasn't a "race thing" when we all referred to Tebow and Manziel as Dual Threat QB's. I just want the season to start, these August story lines are always just the media grasping at straws. 

  5. Rather put 2,000 dollars into DFS and do 20-50 buck season long leagues for braging rights tbh

    You're right. You would probably make much more money that way. 


    I just suck at DFS in general. I only play fanduel baseball like $2 buy in games for fun. 

  6. Imagine making a $1,000 investment in a fantasy league for a whole season when you can do that for DFS and make so much more lol

    Why not both! 


    But for real, its not about the money. Sure, I'd enjoy winning. But beating all my friends is worth much more to me. 

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