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  1. For sure I think it’s a good thing. Better to delay it than to release a bad game. 

    However, if 5 years and 500 million can’t produce a good enough game for release, I don’t see how delaying it for 6 months-a year will do anything. But we’ll see. We all know 343 is a joke of a company. 

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  2. 32 minutes ago, PLaTaNo said:

    Pretty sure I’m in his chat every day as of recently and he lets people talk freely.

    Literally banned me and a few others (bout 3 of us) after I asked why he was being so hostile towards Halo 5 (not that I love H5, I was genuinely curious). Was met with a ban and him saying that anyone who loves Halo 5 doesn't deserve to be in his chat. When I PM'd him, he said if I sub to his channel I can be unbanned. Lol no wonder why the halo community is so Toxic. You have clowns who stream MR Global's Youtube on Twitch and get egos from it.

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  3. Sprint isn't needed for anything.


    All BTB needs:

    -Vehicles, particularly transport vehicles.

    -Mancannons / Teleporters

    -Maps with actually good infantry pathing like Sidewinder/Avalanche or Danger Canyon instead of large fields from one end to the other players are forced to walk straight across like Sandtrap or Blood Gulch.

    -Reworked spawn system (spawn near teammate, spawn at location, etc).

    -Faster BMS wouldn't hurt.


    You add sprint to BTB and not to arena people are just gonna be like "did muh spartan forget how to run hurr durr".


    As someone who only plays BTB I just wanted to say, you're 100% spot on.


    We hate sprint in the BTB community too. Give me actual dev made maps. Honestly, the only map 343 made that has been decent for BTB in my opinion is Longbow. BTB in H5 was doomed as soon as they announced Warzone and their huge focus on it. 

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  4. Honestly I'm just interested in the flights and feedback part of the article. I really want to just play and give feedback before everything is close to final. I don't even care if its not a super classic Halo I just want it to make sense. I'm not really against change or improvement. I just want the changes to actually be improvements if they're going to exist

    100% agree. Thats the thing i'm most excited about is the fact that we can give them direct feedback through these test flights. Hopefully so the game won't launch broken like MCC or barebones like H5. 

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