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  1. For sure I think it’s a good thing. Better to delay it than to release a bad game. However, if 5 years and 500 million can’t produce a good enough game for release, I don’t see how delaying it for 6 months-a year will do anything. But we’ll see. We all know 343 is a joke of a company.
  2. Literally banned me and a few others (bout 3 of us) after I asked why he was being so hostile towards Halo 5 (not that I love H5, I was genuinely curious). Was met with a ban and him saying that anyone who loves Halo 5 doesn't deserve to be in his chat. When I PM'd him, he said if I sub to his channel I can be unbanned. Lol no wonder why the halo community is so Toxic. You have clowns who stream MR Global's Youtube on Twitch and get egos from it.
  3. That dudes a loser. I appreciate him streaming some old tournaments, but he literally bans 99% of people who talk in chat.
  4. Loved the H3 tournament. 13k with a 10 AM EST start time is great to see.
  5. How embarrassing for 343 is it going to be when the H3 2v2 gets double the viewership that the H5 Season Finals do?
  6. As someone who only plays BTB I just wanted to say, you're 100% spot on. We hate sprint in the BTB community too. Give me actual dev made maps. Honestly, the only map 343 made that has been decent for BTB in my opinion is Longbow. BTB in H5 was doomed as soon as they announced Warzone and their huge focus on it.
  7. 100% agree. Thats the thing i'm most excited about is the fact that we can give them direct feedback through these test flights. Hopefully so the game won't launch broken like MCC or barebones like H5.
  8. Can’t wait. But the wait might be pretty long.
  9. Bill

    NBA Thread

    Lebron and Paul George to come to Philly and run the east for the next 5 years.
  10. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Really hoping classic Halo makes a comeback. Not only for us here at Beyond or Halo as a community, but for Xbox as a whole. They need a console seller badly.
  11. Bill

    NBA Thread

    Lebron - Best all around player of all time. Jordan - Best scorer of all time. No debate.
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