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  1. Ever since Halo 4 came out the kill feed has been pretty bad. I used the kill feed so much to determine how many people were alive or dead. Remember when one of your teammates died, the kill feed showed it by starting red. And when you killed someone, it did it by blue? Remember? Cuz i dont...
  2. Thought it was going to be like that....oh well. If need be Closing/locking this thread would probably be for the best, since franky said he isn't real. Sorry for wasting your time.
  3. Don't know what that means due to me not being a reddit user. But Thank you <3
  4. Don't know if this is a real employee, but someone on my twitter feed just posted this AMA. Here's the Link for your guys's enjoyment http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2n0yul/iama_dev_on_halo_mcc_ask_me_almost_anything/
  5. First, good video! Second, I really couldn't call this a "commentary" using youtube standards. I would classify it more as a documentary lol. Commentators, in the terms of youtube, are people like jericho, muzzafuzza, woodysgamertag, etc... That's more of a commentary than what I would say yours is. Not saying yours is not, but it's just not what i'm use to. But i digress, moving forward. I would like to say, i'm not against reading off a script. It allows you to be clear on what you're trying to say and allows you to say it in less words than not reading off a scipt. However, there is a major flaw to this in my opinion; monotone. Being monotone is a complete turn off for me. I just believe it sounds way too "robotic" and sounds like there is no heart or soul into it. You can read off a script and have heart and soul into it. An example would be Vsauce, he reads off a scipt that he writes and sounds like he cares. Not saying you don't, but that's just a comparison between the two styles. If I were you, I would make a bullet list on what I want to talk about. This way, you can have emotion in your voice while hitting every main point that you want to discuss. Other than that, that's my criticism. Hope it's not too rough, I just want more from the Halo community when it comes to content. -Dallas
  6. Shamless plug hype cuz he said I could!!!!! New schedule on my videos, every Monday, Wednsday, and Friday a new Video. Friday's are going to my Boom's Review series, so if you want your gameplay reviewed, just let me know! Here's my latest video <3
  7. Sorry for late reply. Been typing a paper all day. Something around those lines yes. I love the in-depth talk as to why you did it. However, i'm talking even more basic than that. I'm talking starting basics. Like how to shoot, strafe, gandhi hop, etc.... These are the things I want to do as well. But I love those videos because I plan to play Halo 1 a lot when MCC comes out.
  8. Yeah. It's Boomsocarina. I do Halo content mostly. Haven't uploaded in two weeks due to school, but I"m starting to upload again.
  9. Hello, let me introduce myself before I go too far in. My name is Dallas, and I've been playing Halo for about 5 years now. With the upcoming release of MCC and H5, i was hoping to start a youtube series explaining how to play Halo competitively. The series of videos I want to do are about subjects that need to be learned when learning to play Halo at a high level. The problem is, I'm not too sure on what to talk about. That's why I need your help. This includes everything from topics all the way to film clips. I want this to be a community driven project. And it would be awesome to work on this with all of you. Things that I would like. Topics, Clips, reasoning's, etc... I will watch this thread closely to keep up to date. Some of the things I have in mind for topics are: 1. Spawns 2. Map Movement 3. Situations-This is going to be a series I want to do on saturday's Called "Situation Saturdays." That's all I got....You have anymore? If you have a clip that goes along with the topic at hand, please post it. I would like you to post it in this format: 1. Gamertag 2. File Name 3. File share slot 4. Description. What is the video about, if it's something I may not notice, tell me. Is there something hidden that's happening that people wouldn't know. That's the type of description i'm looking for. I'm not necessarily looking for montage clips. That's about it. If you guys have more, please let me know. I really want to work with the community to help revive halo when Halo 5 comes out. If everything goes according to plan, I would love the first video to be out by next week. This can only happen with you guys! Thank you, -Dallas
  10. So I was trying to type this whole guide out, but doing it is quite hard. It would be easier for me to make a video about the spawns.
  11. 1. If there were a few fixes to reach, it could have been the best competitive game in the Halo series (i.e. Hitboxes, better maps, etc...). 2. Nexus KOTH Triumphs over any KOTH gametype/map known to man 3. Every game aside from Halo reach is boring to watch due to lack of individual skill needed for the other halos. 4. Extraction is the best thing to happen next to sliced bread. 5. Ryanoob is possibly the 3rd best player ever to touch Halo. 6. Invasion was a master piece and needs to make a return to the next halo. 7. I might like the br due to nostalgia, I would rather play with the DMR due to it being better. 8. I thought halo 4 would have been better competitvely if we used our own loadouts instead of ghost's settings. Even though ghost's settings made Halo 4 1000x better. 9. Slayer needs to be removed from competitive halo and stay strictly with objective gametypes. and my final one. 10. I blame obama for all my problems in life.
  12. Holy bologna. Is this the cizzats that played with kronic?
  13. I agree with this. We aren't that "advanced" in halo lol
  14. Health has always been in the halo series, but in Halo ce and reach you could actually see it, but you had to heal yourself manually unlike the other halo's where health was regenerated with your shields.
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