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  1. Looking for arena players Mainly SWAT and breakout Your rank doesn't matter when joining, as long as you can play and communicate. I was diamond 5 last month for swat and platinum for Breakout. Open to other games and warzone/customs GT: DatedIntegral93 I'm not looking for pros, as long as you can play. Reply or message over LIVE.
  2. I'm looking for a team to play arena with, but not professionally, unless we happen to be good.
  3. I want a team who knows callouts and doesn't quit. I am diamond 5 in SWAT. I'm not a pro, but I am still looking to play and get better. GT: DatedIntegral93
  4. I'm setting up a team for the teambeyond tourneys. DatedIntegral93. However, I'm not pro.
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