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  1. @halo Twitch chat " Halo: There is a player eligibility ruling being made at the moment. Please standby. " ty for the milk fam
  2. Oh I totally agree, it 100% should not be an excuse. I just want some sort of new map that isn't absolute shite
  3. It was also a huge ass pain for them to even get that onto the dev kit iirc. I think it was Lethul who said that a while back
  4. I don't know how many times I've read some of your posts without looking at your name first and thinking "How fkn stupid is this guy- oh its just nav.."
  5. I always have a 3rd eye on the radar because of how much info it gives away. And if you're watching it while they play, you'll know when certain players aren't paying attention to it and get punished by not looking #noradar
  6. I really hope this serves as a turning point for some. Lets hope. Great piece @@InStiiNcT
  7. Off topic, but can teams still sign up for that H3 MLG tourney?
  8. I'll be on later today (5-6 pst). Only been on proving grounds but look at past seasons lol. I Wana get into some of the tourneys going on as well
  9. I more so meant him leaving because of that, not getting dropped. Nothing against Ninj or cam at all, but I'd think that being a really Good player who grinds all the time (Saiyan), would want to be on a team where everybody has the ability to grind all the time and cam/ninj just don't have enough time in the day to grind like some players do (OpTic Envy)
  10. Don't El town/victory combine for the LG pro seed? Honestly wouldn't surprise me if LG stuck together. Saiyan for me might be the guy to change but I think Sal cam and Ninj stay as to3
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