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  1. There are plenty of Father / Gamer's out there.
  2. Need 2v2 Scrims Message XBC: Redghost_FPS or Zadias
  3. Add XBC: Redghost_FPS FFA/4v4 Team GlobaL: Redghost_FPS Zadias ????? ????? From North Carolina Also Summer Halo 2 LAN Coming up tweet @ me for more info @Redghost_GlobaL
  4. XBC: Redghost_FPS FFA/4v4 @Redghost_GlobaL Team Scrims: GlobaL - Redghost_FPS, Zadias, ???, ???
  5. Add me XBC - Ryse_Redghost Playing primarily H2, scrimming and what not!
  6. Must bring your own Halo 2 Disc / H2 Multiplayer map pack disc or an already updated H2 with your Xbox. Must bring your own controller, Monitor and Headset ( if you choose to use one ) Venue: TBA!
  7. Curious of the people who would be interested in playing in a Halo 2 LAN, location will either be Raleigh or Wilmington. NC more details to come!
  8. If you look closely at the BR from the spartan sliding into cover, the BR has no scope.
  9. If you play Halo 2 Vista and are on the Halo 2 Anniversary hype train, please post your gamer tag and ill edit the post and add you to the list! Halo 2 Vista Players: 1. RG The God 2. YoshinJaa 3. tH VeNoMz
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