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  1. To unlock the Body Count camo in ghost it says to win some games in Gold Division or higher in Clan vs Clan..makes me wonder if its simular to black ops2 league play. What do you guys think?
  2. im sure we can all work around that as I did.
  3. i got mine from one that was already created
  4. some of my xbl friends tried and they got through as well
  5. If you have a silver account you can upgrade to a 1month for free on the xbox dashboard.
  6. I also have the feeling that H5 multiplayer will do well
  7. I never got to play CE but i really enjoyed h2/h3 maps
  8. Thanks for your opinion guys,was just thinking that 343 could have higher some of the top communtiy forge members to work on mp maps,In that way the competive community would have loads great maps on day one.
  9. Hey guys I was just wondering if the community would be willing to trade forge world to have 5-6 extra multiplayer maps at launch. Forge would be great if had done right however it would seem that the devs at both bungie and 343 used it in order to limited the amount of work they put into making HR/H4 mp maps.What are your thoughts┬┐ 4 small map 2v2-4v4 5 medium 4v4 6 Large 8v8 3 infection maps (haunted theme) 2 grifball courts 3 firefight maps Sorry APK
  10. a tralier showing walshy running the flag beats down T2 then drops the flag takes out his sinper goes for the headshot gets descope for the kill on Ola takes out Br 1234 shots for the tripple kill on Formal, Ninja presses A and trys to run forgeting theres No Sprint shot to the dome overkill ex all happening within spec mode T2 losing his lvl 50 Rank in Team Hardcore.
  11. selling my 360 to a buddy to help buy my xb-one, it to bad we wont be able to play h3/h4 on nextgen till halo xbox one realese.
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