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  1. I was champ 7 in FFA and champ 86 In slayer (solo que) just this season and I'm looking for good teammates that actually ducking know strats GT is Beyond Halo and I wanna grind the HCS playlist and team
  2. Hey noob HMU new GT is Beyond Halo this is alirocks btw lol
  3. Hey guys I'm a halo 5 arena sweat looking to grind the HCS playlist with some people. Hmu to run and possibly team. GT is Beyond Halo! You can also DM me on twitter @beyondhaloHCS
  4. Hey my GT is alirocks45 but most people know me as Beyond or Ali. I'm a pretty decent team player and pretty good at FFA. I had champ 7 in FFA and champ 86 in slayer just this season and champ in FFA a couple other times a long time ago. Anyways I've been lots of teams and played a lot of tourneys. I've played against luminosity in HCS qualifiers and beaten some pros in multiplayer. So HMU if you need a player. I currently solo cue most of my games so I need a solid team with good players as I want to learn and get better (I AM NOT LOOKING FOR TEAMMATES EQUALLY AS GOOD AS ME OR WORSE) because I need better teammates I can learn from. Anyways if you want to recruit me reply or send me a message on my twitter @alirocks45
  5. Look a thing last season. And yes I am looking for higher skilled teammates. That's exactly what I am looking for. I also had champ 86 in slayer this season until my XBL ran out.
  6. Me (beyond) and elevatez are looking for 2 more people for a competitive team for team arena and tournaments. We're not taking anyone that doesn't have 2 high onyxes in at least two playlists and 1 high onyx in team arena. Our gamertag are (Alirocks45) and (i elevatez i).
  7. hey guys I think I may be able to join you. What are your ranks in arena. And are you willing to do some online tournaments. Also my specialties are in arena CTF, Slayer, and FFA, I'm also good at objective games. And my gamertags is alirocks45 and my MLG account is also alirocks45. I live in Virginia and I can plays almost every day. I am very competitive but I can control my temper. Also I am 14 years old.
  8. I'm a halo 5 plays and I'm looking for some experienced teammates for some arena games. I am 14 years old and my specialties are Arena: CTF, Slayer, FFA. I am also good with a sniper. My xbox live gamertag is alirocks45 and my MLG is alirocks45 as well. Also I am looking to get into some online tournaments and compete for prestige and experience.
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