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  1. someone mentioned it earlier, h5 should most definitely implement clans in general and the match playlist
  2. probably a stupid question but theres no way of having both right? The 401k if your company matches is literally free money to you, plus there is a cap for a 401k i think 17k?. But, you do get taxed heavily and if you withdraw early there is a nice penalty too. Also wouldnt both be risky since 401k is heavily relied on purchasing stocks? If your doing the same thing with a Roth IRA, is the cap from money you put in yourself? Or is the cap include anything that goes into the account.
  3. can anyone explain to me the difference between a traditional ira and a 401k? i know the obvious differences like the money not being taxed on an ira, but what would better suit me? im 22 and my company matches my 401k 6% . Just recently started getting into investments and i want to get a general idea of what i should do. I have about 2k to play around with, thinking about putting all of it into stocks
  4. my first car was a b16 coupe, with a gsr tranny . i had hytech replica headers, custom 5" tip exhaust, no name intake, blox purple lug nuts, seibon carbon fiber hood, white rota slipstreams,purple blox lower control arms, purple hids, chipped on a p28 with 2step and vtech set at 3500 rpm
  5. i actually like gucci mane. Lyrically hes cheeks, but for hype/gym/car music hes awesome. Anyone listen to dom kennedys new ish? worth a listen? Also, just listened to some of games new mixtape... >____< he hasnt put anything good out since documentary or devils advocate
  6. those are hella dope. i like the floral jean cuffs. i think for me.... im more into street wear, but it all depends where im going i have a lot of blackscale, rocksmith, wutang brand limited, profound co, 10 deep etc. ive been looking at kithnyc mercer pants aka jogger pants but the 135$ price tag might not be so worth it. and for the record roshe runs are extremely comfortable. but if i want to dress more 'dressy' i like h&m and polo ... but not that frat popped collar look
  7. NEVER played reach... so mine are based off h2. Shook on3s montages were all legit, eli the ninja had some sweet montages, walshys 2nd was pretty awesome, i remember exit wounds having a montage, i think bonfire, and that was awesome.
  8. i often get high on cat urine. its called cheesing. i like to do the macarana at family parties. I enjoy twisted teas
  9. lmaooooo ... that show is thee ultimate corn
  10. ......ok well uhhhh sorry to break the sentimental moment .. most of you seem pretty knowledgable about lifting. I was wondering what were the dentrimental effects of eating before you go to sleep, say 2-3 hours before. I know the obvious ones that your digestive system works slower when you sleep so the food is just sitting in your stomach and stored as fat. ALso how effective do you think casein is? and if i am hungry before i go to bed , what small snacks are good to eat to satisfy the hunger. I usually have a greek yogurt, but i feel thats too muchj in cabrs before bed
  11. i doubt destiny will be a competetive game. Titan fall if anything, multipayer is super fast paced, similar to unreal tournament. Im hoping the hype is real and it becomes the new competetive fps. all those l33t pros are gonna have to stack up on aderall to handle titanfall gameplay
  12. im going to have to listen to pushas album, although im not a huge fan of pusha, i heard good things.
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