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  1. Looking for 1v1 scrims for tomorrow's Team Beyond tournament. gt: jCsickZ I'll be on tonight from ~10pm til ~2am central
  2. I'm an Onyx 1700 with a LAN tournament win (IGL Nola Gaming Fest 2016) under my belt. Looking for a pre-registered team to join as the tournament is full. Also have 1-2 more if you have more than one spot available.
  3. I probably should've clarified, we are looking for a team that's already registered in the tournament and needs three more. Anyone?
  4. We didn't realize until it was too late that the tournament was full so we'd like to help fill out a team that needs 3. We are all high diamond to onyx 1750 and communicate ridiculously well. Anyway, if you need a squad for the tourney just hit me up and we can discuss. -Jeff
  5. I'd like to see how thrust played with the same or similar shield recharge downside as sprint.
  6. Let's be honest, thrust is more of an escape option than sprint in Halo 5.
  7. If no one else can compete in the upper echelon, even if they put in the games/time, then the skill gap is good... and it shows that sprint can work.
  8. Iron gaming Columbus had 41 teams. The first one had 186 teams. That's more than a decent-enough sample size to prove my point that the same people who were the best in HR-H4 are the best in H2A. And you're right, there's not enough incentive in competitive Halo right now... but that doesn't really make a good argument of why sprint can't work in Halo. I think that if Halo ever got into the $1M per tournament prize pool range, we'd still see a ton of carryover from the current top pros along with a few new faces from international territories who now see competitive Halo as a real career option. Even with sprint, there would be enough of a skill gap to keep our current and past top pros in the top spots. I'm sure of it.
  9. For all of you who say there is no way sprint can work in Halo - how do you explain the fact that EVERY Halo game with sprint had pretty much all the same top placing players as we're seeing in h2a? Forget about the retired pros who came back, and the ones who got hired at 343. HCS is showing us that people who were at the top in HR and H4 are also at the top in H2A. How does that translate into not working? If it didn't work, random-ass teams would be getting top placings but that was obviously not the case. So while many of you do not prefer sprint, it is actually indeed not much more than a preference. So why can't we just admit that? The fact is that it not only can sprint work, but the past 3-4 years of tournament placings proves THAT IT ALREADY DOES. I challenge this forum to show me ONE major tournament across HR-H4 where a random unknown team snuck into a top 4 placing because of sprint.
  10. The bad part about forums is you have to filter out the bad posts manually. Reddit is convenient because you can easily get to the best content without a lot of effort... even if some good content gets hidden. On here you might have to scroll through multiple pages to get to the good stuff. Neither format is perfect, obviously. I just feel that conventional forums are becoming more of a chore to use.
  11. I think bumping for 25 posts per page to at least 35-40 would be good, too. In fact, if I had a private option to just have all posts on a single page, or maybe 100, I personally would choose it as I hate having to switch pages.
  12. Maybe I feel like there's a lot of scrolling for not a lot of content. Massive sigs (myself included, I know - just saying), large default font sizes. I'll try surfing "zoomed out" and it seems like it will help, except that it makes the content area pretty skinny.
  13. Oops. posted this in the wrong section, please move to suggestions area as I don't have the ability to.
  14. I think a discussion solution with threaded comments (like Reddit) offers a far better communication platform. Anyone else feel that way when surfing around this forum?
  15. Halo helped me too, I am 33 now but a decade ago Halo was a way for me be entertained without dropping big bucks at bars, clubs, and casinos. It also helped me avoid drugs/alcohol. Lastly, it provided me with a social outlet since I basically worked from home by myself and didn't have the co-workers relationships many others take for granted.
  16. Is Reach's netcode really that much better than h4's? We all know h3's is terrible and these ARE online tourneys. H4's is far from perfect but I've always thought it was better than Reach's. Then again I didn't play Reach anywhere near as extensively as h2/h3/h4.
  17. I'm wondering if there will be shields and slower kill times
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