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  1. Running games need to find a 4th ASAP for the Chattanooga, Tn tournament. Message: Just Improve ONLINE or Tweet at me @iJust_Improve
  2. Hello, we are looking for a high ranking onyx who can 100% make the Chattanooga, Tn tournament and play in the qualifiers the next two weeks. Gt: Just Improve Twitter: iJust_Improve
  3. Sent you a message on XBL. We are looking for one for Chattanooga.
  4. Sent you a message on XBL.
  5. My squad could possibly be making a "team change" and would need to pick up a high onyx/champion player for the Chattanooga, Tn tournament on September 3rd/4th. We are sponsored by the streaming service Disco Melee, and are in talks with multiple co-sponsors. Whoever can make it to the Tennessee tournament would obviously be given all of the sponsored equipment and other perks we get for the tournament. GT: Just Improve or Twitter iJust_Improve I need feedback ASAP.
  6. My team is going to Chattanooga. We are sponsored by Disco Melee. We possibly will be making a "team change" in the coming days, so if so, I am very interested in running games. Xbox GT Just Improve
  7. Need teams for constant scrims until the Chattanooga, Tn tournament. GT: Just Improve send me a message!
  8. Road to 50 followers in less than 3 months. Twitch.Tv/Just_Improve see you guys tomorrow.

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