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  1. Search up Luke The Notable Halo Tips on Youtube, he has alot of great tip videos on how to improve your game. Cheers.
  2. This is so awesome. I'm curious if the customization options will be in.
  3. We are now nearing the end of the wait, I just wanna say its been nice reading this thread this past month, through all the trials and tribulations, and I hope to see you all on the battlefield come midnight. It's been fun, enjoy the collection. :halo:
  4. " Exactly as it shipped 10 years ago" if you never found out what a super bounce was In other news I'm still waiting for my update.
  5. I remember thinking "wait... who the fuck is Dustin Echos?!"
  6. Considering I just came back from boosting my last Halo Reach / Halo 4 multiplayer achievements... fuck you... in a nice way, promise. :halo:
  7. I feel like the news we are getting about the MCC right now is just an up and down rollercoaster.
  8. The funny thing about Halo is that it is so connected yet so divided at the same time, you got your competitive, casual, lore masters, forgers, machinima guys, speed runners etc. there is so much to the Halo community, and that's why halo 3 was so popular , because it was the easiest to get into and had great replayability and community, we made Halo 3 what it was, not just the sum of its parts.
  9. I just bought the 50 dollar xbox cash gift card email delivery from staples and it says estimated arrival date November 3rd.... wat
  10. Site changed for me, just refreshed and saw the new hotness.
  11. This is the greatest thing ever. Of all time.
  12. Any one spent any time in the alpha and wanna share their thoughts with me? Im getting it, but imo it looks like Halo Reach 2.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRjWnIQlJlg
  14. I think the fate of Theater / Spectator mode will be addressed a little later.
  15. Im curious, how are they handling character customization for each game? Are we gonna keep our lets say, Recon helmet for Halo 3? And is the emblem global or indepedent depending on the game.
  16. Got Halo Wars day 1, and really liked that game. I would approve of a sequel.
  17. I am so excited. I woke up today with Halo on my mind and rewatched the footage again. I literally cannot wait.
  18. Any one ready to re-experience the glory days of Halo 3 custom games in 1080p, 60 fps? Fat kid, Halo on Halo, Ghostbusters, Jenga Towers. My spartan suit is ready.
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