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  1. Still looking for a team have been champ in ffa currently 1700+ onyx in arena and 2000+ in ffa.
  2. Hi I'm a free agent was champion in Ffa last season and onyx 1700 in arena
  3. Also champ in Ffa and 1800 in arena
  4. Hi I'm champion in Ffa and onyx 1700+ in team arena. I need a solid team to play with.
  5. I'm looking for a solid team currently 1700+ in arena and 1800+ in Ffa but I haven't played Ffa that much this season.
  6. Hello im a champion in ffa and a onyx 1900 in team arena. im looking for team of 2 or team of 3 if your interested just post your gamertag and I will message you on team beyond.
  7. Hello I'm still looking for a team of 3 and maybe a team of two around my level I'm a champ in Ffa and onyx 1873 in team arena i will message you through team beyond just post your gamertag below
  8. Just post below you gamer tag and I will message you
  9. Hello I'm looking for a solid team of similar skill level I'm near 1900 onyx in team arena and champion in free for all
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