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  1. I need to run some games, Orlando's for sure an event were going to. Looking to compete with some good players. Pls message my GT if you're up to run games. I'm free most evenings. GT: Twissited Msg me when you can play, and any experience. Positive attitudes and open to criticism and want to improve. Under an org and have a team pass already.
  2. Looking for a team/org for the Orlando event and online cups. 100% going to Orlando and Columbus. I have plenty of time to practice and run games. Would like some solid players to run with. I'd prefer you to have discord to use instead of party/skype. I'll also be streaming if you wanna come by and check how I play @ twitch.tv/twissited
  3. Anyone going and want to split a hotel cost up to 3 or 4 of us? 2 beds and a pull out couch or whatever. If your up for it let me know. figured i'd post here instead of general, since its sorta dead.
  4. I'm going if I can find or put together a team. Currently a f/a. My only requirements is know call outs, don't rage, be positive, be going 100%. I have a busy weekend, but can make time to run games if you're wanting to team. Msg me on my gt, not here. I'd be up for splitting hotel costs if anyone else is up for that. GT: Twissited Twitter: @twisted189
  5. 26 yrs old, pay my own way, 100% going if I go with a team. If you're not willing to go to the event don't message me to team. We have about a month to practice. I'm pretty laid back and open to criticism, plenty of time to practice. Would love to attend all events, but cant bring myself to travel to events without competing. Message my GT: Twissited
  6. Was planning on going, then a big job came up. Well I finished it earlier than expected and was going to drive out Wednesday night or thursday morning to daytona for the Event and a mini vacation! So I'd love to compete, I'll pay my part of the team pass, and I have a hotel, with 2 beds at the hiltion garden. I can offer a bed for someone that would be interested in splitting the cost. I plan on playing mostly for the fun, even though spectating and the ffa would be fun enough. So if anyones down to compete or had a teammate bail on them I can be a filler. Let me know asap.
  7. GT: Twissited HCS/Customs NA eastern add me and we can run games. I run solo almost all the time, would be nice to have people to run with.
  8. Looking for a team, or build one. I have a team we play around but no one seems to take it serious. I'd like to actually compete and have a good team. I've been grinding solo mostly, getting better. I have a good shot once warmed up, good at brushing off a bad game and getting over it. Be great to have a team to grind with and compete and go over strats and actually work on winning some games in a tourney. GT: Twissited
  9. Dayton area. Twissited. Msg me that you added me from here
  10. Looking for some chill people who call out (discord is what I prefer to use) to run matchmaking with. Would be great to get a regular team to play with. GT: Twissited I don't really care if you're a champ or diamond, just gets boring running solo all the time.
  11. Add twissited I'm not an amazing player but i'm usually onyx division. Decent all around player. I am tired of getting paired against teams of 4 and getting matched with kids that stat, rush obj, or just don't seem to know what to do. Which was odd at an onyx rank. There's also the lack on communication. I usually run solo or with my friend, we use skype to chat. Add me if you run games and need halo friends too.
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