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  1. looking for some guys that are competing in the event message me on xbl @gt: Fitful Loop
  2. there is a event coming up on February 18th and 19th in NOLA. from what i hear theres a 4v4 so looking to build a solid team for this... must be attending! found out more info at www.nolagamingfest.com
  3. Gt: fitful loop -ive been on a few teams already -played a few GB's -know call outs / map control / map movement / priorities -looking for 2 guys that already know what they are doing -i wont disappoint
  4. able to use discord/skype would be great
  5. Gt: fitful loop looking for experienced players
  6. By the way im mostly looking for people who use skype/discord
  7. im looking for a team that plays alot! i play mostly sunday/thursdays can play most weekends for tournaments. need a team of onyx players that know what they are going already. message me on xbl @gt: fitful loop
  8. im know alot about spawns and set ups looking for a team that already know what they are doing. its not my first rodio
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