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  1. Just heard from a few pros, OC was cancelled. I can believe it, but don't string the teams out here along. We are on regularly practicing and lan-ing every time this is announced. I mean it's been years, west coast doesn't have a hope anymore. : /
  2. Finally on the forums. Looking for a team for agl 10, 11, and 12. Last minute decision for 10, so a 1 time drop is fine. However, I have played competitively since halo 2. 24, and just want to talk tactics and push it as far as we can go. I take criticism well, and give criticism in a open discussion manner. If you are a t03, my team can't make it out or if you are a t02 i'll be interested and see if i can bring one out with me. message me on xbl or here tik toxin don't fr, until we talk. last spot is reserved.
  3. Need t04 for anahiem lan center scrims. Hmu Twitter @ toxinrunztrain
  4. Name:randy Gamertag: toxinrunztrain Games Played: halo 2, halo 3, halo reach, halo 4 Area in California: orange Future plans: agl events, pgl online ladder, lan scrims. Message me in xbl,
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