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  1. Breicks & Twisty
  2. One of the biggest teams in Brazilian eSports is Santos, the same team that Pele, Robinho and Neymar played soccer
  3. Hello boys and girls!! I do not usually post, just read because of the difficulty of writing in English (I'm Brazilian). If you remember, I asked for your help to vote on Halo in a pool poll for a Brazilian tournament. Thanks to your help we won and I just came post to thank all of you. Beyond is fantastic <3
  4. We are winning the Poll!!!! Thanks Beyond, you guys rock!!!
  5. Hey Beyond, first sorry for my bad English, I am from Brazil. I would like to ask for your help. Here in Brazil we have a tournament organizer BSOG, they d live championships of CoD and Hearthstone live on TV. They want to expand and did a poll on twitter. If you guys could help by voting for Halo, I would appreciate. Love the :dank: :dank: :dank: memes
  6. Yes, we cant play anything, only custom Since the update, I only played 1 match of FFA. No games after that in any playlist, no warzone, no social. And 343 doesnt care.
  7. You are wrong. In Brazil, when 2 onyx teams search together, they find games. But we have a small player base, so is really hard to find games. I see you guys complain that if your are champion you cannot find games. Here in Brazil, if you are Diamond you cannot find. We can only play Team Arena and Slayer if we have Platinum rank or lower. Other playlist we cant play the 10 unranked games. If we have a American or european player, we can bypass the region lock and play in other servers. Sorry for the bad english again
  8. We in South America know about the Champs, Asia know about Champs, but we cannot play. We have a competitive community in Brazil. Last MLG Brazil Halo champs was in MCC, it was 2v2, 64 teams played, and the limit was 64. We just doesnt play H5 because we cant, this game here is more broken than MCC
  9. What is like playing H5 in Brazil : https://youtu.be/xEYFtC34pfA
  10. For the first week, was only Warzone, now we cant play anything. People in Brazil already stopped playing this game. M$ BR is giving refunds for the game, because the game doesnt work and 343 is saying that the game work fine
  11. First, sorry for my bad english kkkkkk I am from Brazil, and you know we have only 3 teams??. The game DOESNT WORK here. We cannot play any playlists. We already made a topic in halowaypoint over 1600 posts, and 343 refuse to do anything. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/e0d9938206f04a598ce84f2c8cadce02/topics/warzone-dont-work-south-ameria-africa-australia/06223e76-9c6e-45fe-af01-fb00160803b0/posts?page=84 If you read the topic, the game doesnt work in Africa, Asia and South America. Soo yeah, 343 cant expect teams if the game doesnt work
  12. I dont know why they give Latin America 1 spot in the Halo Championship. I am from Brazil, and we cant play anything in this game since the launch, this game is more broken than MCC. We already have a 80 page thread in halo waypoint and 343 dont give 1 answer. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/e0d9938206f04a598ce84f2c8cadce02/topics/warzone-dont-work-south-ameria-africa-australia/06223e76-9c6e-45fe-af01-fb00160803b0/posts?page=80#post1582 Sorry for the bad english guys, feel free to correct me
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