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  1. If you're close enough to them they get it as well.
  2. So hype. Replaying Persona 3 right now.
  3. So hyped for Apex. Wish it wasn't going on during the Super Bowl though.
  4. Pretty sad this game is never going to be what we thought it would. It's also sad that releasing an unfinished game seems like it's going to be common place in the future.
  5. That's kind of cool for anyone who likes Halo campaign. But very lacking for anyone who wanted to enjoy multiplayer which still won't be what we were told it would be for at least another month.
  6. Yeah they had it in patch notes an update or 2 ago but it was never fixed.
  7. I'd take that bet as well. But the fact that even if the game worked that a staple playlist like Team doubles wasn't considered a playlist they need to launch with shows how out of touch they are.
  8. Wouldn't that be nice. Too bad they could care less about the past titles, as shown by what we received in Halo MCC. A game that was suppose to focus on the past titles not a "modern version" of one of them.
  9. Innovations are suppose to better something. Just adding something into the game isn't innovating.
  10. Anyone else think the guns, shields, and announcer sounds are annoying?
  11. He's definitely a part of the MCC just look at his reddit user name halommcdev. The person can't even spell MCC.
  12. They're suppose to be but they have a fall back that makes it p2p(which happens almost every time).
  13. They have nothing to say but "sorry you guys deserve better". And I think they may have realized we're sick of hearing that meaningless response.
  14. Remember when we thought we were getting dedicated servers those were the days.
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