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  1. F/A for MLG Orlando On everyday Weekday schedule: Mon-Fri 5 EST - 10 EST PM Weekend schedule: Fri-Sun All day Already have a team pass purchased Be ready to grind everyday and go over film as much as possible Be able to compete in the Gamebattle 2k online tourneys and run GBs everyday HMU on twitter @Troxipy or on XBL @ Troxipyy
  2. I’m F/A for MLG Orlando already have hotel booked and driving situation locked down. Have Major LAN EXP from DH ATL Lookin to lock down a team by this months end Twitter: @Troxipy Xbox: Troxipyy
  3. I'm a Free Agent for Dreamhack ATL I have EVERYTHING booked Please hmu to run ASAP tryng to place well Don't waste my time won't waste yours
  4. LMK if you wanna run I have everything booked
  5. I'm down to run LMK my gt is Troxipy
  6. I'm looking for a team to compete at Dreamhack Atlanta I have already ordered my pass for the event and really need a team to compete with. I have great comms, team aspect, and pickup chemistry LMK people
  7. I'm a TO2 LF2 for LAN events and Online tournaments and leagues. We are both Onyx 1800-2100 Been Playing for forever now so we know just about everything Be able to: - Know Spawns - Be able to use Xbox PC and Skype - Watch Film - Be able to Scrim - Don't tilt HMU on twitter @Troxipy or on xbox gt: Troxipyy
  8. I'm a Free Agent that is looking for other SERIOUS PLAYERS to go to Dreamhack Atlanta with to have fun and WIN with Dedicated players that'll grind all the time. Preferred rank is Onyx (not ego'ing just puts in a skill gap) I'm Onyx 1900-2000 in Team Arena with a 2.5 KD. My GT is "Troxipyy" message me if your interested
  9. Message me on Xbox GT: Troxipyy I have TO2 thats dedicated to winning and becoming better
  10. I'm just LF a team to grind out arena nothing serious atm
  11. Very Serious Offer TO2 LF2 Able to Travel Serious about competing On everyday GTs: LaLagger & Troxipyy Twitters: @Lagski & @Troxipy Need people ASAP to start grinding
  12. I got to2 lf2 trying out people lmk was Onyx 1900 last season me and my duo both duo is champ in FFA rn
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