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  1. Dual H2 beam rifles? Does it not have the lowest auto aim of all sniper/beam variants?
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the H2 beam variant have the least amount of auto aim of any of the snipers in the game? I feel like this would fix a lot of issues in general with HCS let alone using 2 snipe map variants.
  3. TeamGaG is glad to see MLG back....maybe time for another Sex Drugs and Halo Pros???
  4. I agree with you, I was just trying to clarify the statement that was made. I would rather not see any br pickups on map at all with pistol starts. The whole idea of straight upgrade pickups for a utility weapon just boggles the mind with me. I understand where some are coming from when looking for upgrade map pickups, but I would rather see pickups relegated to power weapons, and those who use is dedicated to a more niche function like shotgun, plasma pistol, etc.
  5. I think he was saying h2br as a map pickup, not a starting weapon. Basically with pistol starts the h5br is a wasted item on the map, so instead have h2br as a map pickup.
  6. I mean, you aren't wrong...but the reason people are complaining is that many players don't enjoy any other current ranked playlist other than HCS. It has nothing to do with then being "official" gametypes or not, more about actually playing something that is enjoyable. But yes, people are prob overreacting over something that will revert to what it was in a couple weeks.
  7. Some of my best memories of halo 2 were casual fuck-around lockout games, and some of the worst were sweaty lockout ts games. In fact, I'm pretty sure we had more fun running around that map doing practically nothing while everyone sang "Since you've been gone" at the top of their lungs than we did actually playing a real comp game on that map.
  8. I would assume the following will not be leaving their respective orgs unless the rest of the team wants them gone: Lbx TB Ace Saiyan All of those players seem to have extremely strong ties to their orgs themselves for various reasons, and I would be surprised if they were granted a release from their respective contracts to change teams. Potential EG 4th if Falcated stays, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Claim or Arcticc. A young aggressive style player would be a good fit as a 4th.
  9. This makes no sense. MCC is a different game running on a different engine than H5. The responsiveness and aim feel on that game has no correlation to what happens in H5. Just because its a "Halo" title doesn't mean that you can equate what is happening on that game to another "Halo" game. What is more likely, that the better hardware of a PC or the X is able to more adequately display a constant resolution because they are more powerful and that's why the aiming feels better, or that aiming accidentally feels better because reasons.
  10. There is definitely no way that they intentionally shipped a game with an input response issue. Its very fathomable that the issue was simply not caught during in house testing, as im assuming they played the many builds of the game on dev kits in a closed environment. Things happen unfortunately, and no testing environment is ever perfect. The issue has always been transparency and how long it takes to get an answer and a legitimate fix. Heavy aim was something that was reported by players early on, yet not a word was said until over a year into the game's lifecycle. If you cant fix it with the way the engine is currently constructed I get it, but just be open with that fact. People hate when things don't work the way they like it, but they hate it even more when they don't like how something is working and they cant even get a knowledgeable response from those who created it.
  11. I understand what you are trying to say, but this all started because of purported differences in aim across multiple hardware platforms. If the aiming is better on more powerful machines, then the likelihood that the aiming is tied to asset management in some form is very high. We do know that from beta to full release that dynamic resolution was introduced. The bone has to manage the displayed resolution based on what load is being applied to the cpu/gpu in order to maintain a 60fps experience. A more powerful machine is going to do that better, and for whatever reason, the aiming experience is better on those machines.
  12. It's really not that surprising TBH. 343 wanted a locked 60fps, which is great, but they tried to do everything they could to optimize visual fidelity. The OG bone is just not powerful enough for this. The sad thing is that resolution has become such a hit selling point that they risked and ultimately sacrificed aiming responsiveness in order to hit an arbitrary resolution "goal". I would have rather had a 720p game with 60fps and perfect crisp aiming than what ended up shipping.
  13. This. Without being able to look at the source code there is really no way to know whether or not the dynamic resolution is effecting load on the cpu/gpu in a way that could effect input registration. I would say that based on evidence, and what we know has changed between the beta and now, including the fact that input tends to be more responsive on more powerful mediums, that there is at the very least a possibility that the dynamic resolution or whatever systems are handling the asset management for it, are effecting input responsiveness.
  14. Beta was locked 720p, no dynamic resolution. If the resolution system in h5 is a root cause of aiming issues, it actually makes complete sense that the difference is a hardware issue.
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