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  1. I'm sorry promoting my channel offended you man. Have a fantastic day!
  2. Why would't I promote halo content i create to the halo community?
  3. My list of changes that need to be made to make Halo 5 a fun experience online. 1) Change the rank system back to the way it was. (It's not a true rank anymore if you can boost wins by matching low levels) 2) Stick to the game types/Only make MINOR changes that you dicuss with the pros, and have the public test maps in custom games/social playlists before force feeding them via Team Arena. (Nobody wants to play some of those game types/maps so making them do so = Less fun) 3) Input lag literally varies depending on what server you play on (This is a HUGE problem), and needs to go. 4) Bring back the party mode option for theater because it's a HUGE benefit/tool for up and coming teams to use for practice/strategic purposes. 5) Keep up the AWESOME work with updates and new content! I can not stress how AMAZING 343 has done promoting new DLC's/updates. Very respectfully, - FabvL (P.S - I love Halo and want to thank 343i for making a game that was a HUGE improvement from the last) BTW Check out my YouTube Channel for the best fully original Halo 5/Other game related eSports rap music. YouTube.com/FabvL
  4. If you haven't hear the OpTic Str8 SicK song yet, then check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az2-i_RPPK8 Mad Love! - FabvL
  5. Don't forget to bump the CLG Halo Team song while you're waiting to find out what the official rosters look like! -FabvL <3
  6. Couldn't be happier with the response to the song i uploaded yesterday regarding CLG's Halo team! Spread this song EVERYWHERE, let's revive halo again!!! - FabvL <3
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