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  1. In a sense dropped but if they dont find anybody i dont think he would really want to go back. He said he really wanted to team with shooter if possible on his stream.
  2. I was watching that too. Wonder who the 4th Optic is running with then? Maybe Heinz? No clue..
  3. I would like to do anything regarding competitive halo. I would only travel to tournaments if i felt comfortable with the team's performance. Any online tournaments/ladders and major events i would love to compete in.
  4. GT: Chriispy Shots Normal gameplay hours: Weekdays - 5PM-11/12PM EST (Most days of the week i'll play in between those hours) Weekends - Depends on the plans over the weekend during the day, but usually on at night into the early hours consistently though. Rankings: Onyx 1700ish = Team Arena Onyx 1800ish = FFA (85% of my games are me solo grinding in team arena with teammates that do not have mics so i feel as though I should be a lot higher). Consider myself to be a strong support / OBJ player but i can definitely play a slayer role if needed. Send me a message on XBL or here on Beyond. I most likely will be on later tonight around 8 or 9PM EST if anybody wants to run games over the next week or so hmu!
  5. GT: Chriispy Shots I play a good bit after i get off work at 4:30PM EST. Personally think i'm a pretty solid support/slayer role, usually rank around mid onyx always solo que. So if i had some teammates i feel i could contend for champ.
  6. Haha, sorry to hear that brother. I didnt realize it was Sunday....
  7. Im so anxious for this saturday! Let the great games continue!! :dank: :dank: :dank:
  8. GT: Chriispy Shots Me and my dude are from PA looking to get into the competitive scene! We've been playing Halo since Halo 3 learning the mechanics all along the way. I love watching all the tournaments and try and keep up on some pro twitch streams when i can. I personally am a slayer/support player. My duo is more objective. We have some pretty solid chemistry and we still are continuing to work on anything to make that better. Looking to join another duo or even 2 other F/A to run some games and see where it goes. I am usually on weekdays after 4:30PM when i get off work. Send me a F/R, message, or just reply to this post!
  9. Going to be streaming around 5:30PM EST tonight. I'm very new to streaming on Twitch. Any viewers that want to come hangout and help me start off my twitch grind would be greatly appreciated! Some SOLID Gameplay and some not so smooth commentary. We all start somewhere right? Drop by and give me some feedback or make fun of me if that will make you feel good! twitch.tv/ChriispyShots
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