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  1. Have been a Beyond the Summit fan since before I even started working at 343, so have absolutely been looking for opportunities to do a Halo Summit or something similar. Maybe one day! This will be a test for us - excited to see how it goes!
  2. Great notes, thanks for taking the time to write it up, and thanks to everyone for watching.
  3. Always a chance - up to the Grassroots partners really. I think it's likely H3 will remain the main focus for MCC tournaments for this year with potential for side tournaments in other games.
  4. Glad you're as hyped as we are. To clarify that section - the mention of other Halo titles is in the context of show matches at the HCS Invitational.
  5. They asked for some consoles because of all the teams going. We've only got Xbox One X consoles so we'll be sending some out.
  6. Fun jabs are fine, I was more so reacting to what I felt was an inaccurate portrayal of events. If I took the time to react to every jab then I wouldn't have much time for anything else haha. There was no doubt a steady group of players who kept playing and wanted to compete in Halo 3, but I don't feel like it's accurate to say there was just this overwhelming loud voice for Halo 3 that we decided to ignore. It certainly spiked a bit during 2017 with rumors and desires for Halo 3 Anniversary though. I also don't feel it's accurate to say that support for Halo 5 on all fronts dropped - I think that's a binary way of looking at things. On the developer side, we made serious strides in our communication during Halo 5, we added in H5 Local Server so everyone can play on LAN instead of just pros on developer kits, we added Oddball, worked with the community to add Forge maps, etc.Again, not saying we did everything right but there's just more to the story is my point. And I did notice your comment on Twitter when I was talking to Ghost about registration stuff, so thank you for that comment and thank you for this one. One major effort we have made in our communication really in the last year+ was always talking about our goals and the "why" we do things and make decisions. You've probably noticed this at the top of pretty much all of our news blogs. The r/Halo AMA was also something I don't think many would ever expect us to do, but we did. So, lots of work to do still but excited about what's coming down the pike.
  7. Not really. We approached the initial partners asking if they wanted to run Halo 3 tournaments as part of the HCS Grassroots program because of MCC/H3 hype and momentum around 2v2 Showdown. Also we are paying for prize pool. UGC have absolutely stepped up to the plate though, so definitely want to make sure they get credit too. Also, "deal with 3 years of Halo 5" is a bit different than "brand new game, Halo World Championship, X-Games, millions of dollars, etc". Not saying we did everything right - just not exactly how it was portrayed above.
  8. Yusssss finally, can't wait! Might as well making streaming mandatory tbh. Let us know how we can support
  9. Glad everyone enjoyed the Halo 3 matches as much as we did. Truly an honor to run Halo 3, a game that was such an important part of my life, Also, Roy is a God.
  10. Rough start, no doubt about it. Thanks for sticking with it. Happy that we stabilized but still a few kinks to iron out, expecting a tighter show tomorrow for sure. Super excited for Saturday with H5 and H3 going on at the same time, and both on mainstage during the day as well.
  11. It'll be open for whomever to jump on Saturday night and Sunday morning/afternoon after the stations are done being used for tournament play. They should have all of MCC installed on it, not just Halo 3. So if you snag a station, go play whatever you want.
  12. We have a few tricks up our sleeves for the broadcast next week, you'll have to watch and see. The tag works! Halo esports will not be completely neglected until Halo Infinite, far from that in fact. The MCC team need to optimize for best player experience and have supported HCS activities all along the way. The Esports crowd is important for MCC, but is overall one piece of the pie. We'll talk a bit more about what's coming at DreamHack, and then continue to release more and more info as we go. Like mentioned in the blog we published a couple weeks ago, we are shifting the way we're thinking about things right now on the esports side in hopes of setting the groundwork for Halo Infinite.
  13. Yea someone posted this on Twitter as well - no embarrassment here. We're not doing an H3 MCC tourney because we think people won't like it, won't be hyped about it, or won't want to watch. It's all Halo.
  14. Did that fit within the time frame of "soon"? ;] Thanks for the support everyone, hope to see some folks around next season.
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