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  1. Good thing I had this made already. Though I really do like the LOL one. :p
  2. I'm looking for more God Squad pictures from the weekend, please. More fist bumps. Perhaps even a hug? If physical interaction is too difficult, maybe stare into each others eyes for few seconds too long? Thanks.
  3. yoooo I'll add it in, thanks! I've been busy with, uh, things lately so I haven't gotten around to making any more. I've about 5 sigs feat. pics from OC without text sitting in photoshop waiting to be finished. Soon.
  4. I just received a big box of tb merch that I plan to give away. Is "write team beyond on your forehead" too much?
  5. I honestly thought I read the series wrong when I checked on it during my lunch break. Delighted for LOL but *facepalm*
  6. i was bawling over a tub of ice cream whilst cropping it tyvm
  7. It's a good thing we all value his opinion so much. This fucking guy.
  8. GET HYPED @@FLuFFy --------- Made these for TB. I'm a big fan of the old Meme Team and the strats. https://clips.twitch.tv/mikefacekillah/PoorMartenMcaT --------- I also posted 3 ninja sigs and the snakebite one below on the site. I was losing my freaking mind over this shot of him, it's amazing. I would just direct you all to the site, but I like the + rep
  9. They definitely are. I have no idea what the adfsfhdhvomit the e6 logo is. I know everyone gives them shit for it but holy crap is it bad.
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