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  1. Btw, the POTUS has the express authority to deny non US citizens from entry into the country. So while it might hurt the fee fees of some, it's perfectly legal.
  2. I do. Hernie specifically called out the entire white population whereas Trump was generalizing a subset of Mexicans, namely the ones that illegally immigrate. Also, Muslim isn't a race.
  3. Sanders BTFO. Socialism loses.
  4. Hernie Panders is a racist.
  5. Kek. I'm an old timer. You might have heard of me, I'm kind of a big deal. They call me venky.
  6. I'm a person of color which means I have the authority to say Trump is NOT a racist.
  7. I'm sensing low energy from this poast.
  8. No brakes on the Trump Train. The Trump Train just got 10 mph faster.
  9. Deport illegals. Build wall.
  10. ykenv

    NBA Thread

    LeBron needs moar help.

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