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  1. Ya thats true. I was mostly referring to BR/DMR being too easy.
  2. is this game ever going to have actual competitive settings? I really can't let myself believe that Arena settings is where competitive halo is heading. I HATE that the starting utility weapon(magnum) can be out-done by the AR that you also start with. Just the fact that you can pick up utility weapons on map that are better than the starting one is mind-numbing. Also, in what world is radar on in a competitive playlist? Arena feels like I'm playing Team Training on h2. Just bad casual gametypes/settings.
  3. Magnum starts and take out AR, BR, DMR, Carbine, and LR completely. All of those guns are FAR too easy to use and make the gameplay boring.
  4. It is insanity that we don't have an eta for the ranks.
  5. Has 343 addressed fixing the in-game emblems in halo 2? I understand the emblem is in no way connected to your game emblem but rather the color of your spartan..but still needs to be emblems and not colored targets.
  6. I hope that h3 mlg would get its own playlist and not just thrown in with h2 competitive settings. I love both but I would hate not knowing which game I'm going to play in a competitive playlist.
  7. Really just avoiding having to make onslaught and amp myself. I have gametypes just not maps
  8. Any of you who have the h3 mlg gametypes want to schedule a time I can get on and get them from you? Lol
  9. Is there a way to check the fileshare of someone who is offline?
  10. Is there a fileshare I can find the halo 3 mlg gametypes ?
  11. Tried playing customs the other day but whoever was hosting would not get into the game about 1/4 of the time. We tried changing the host and we kept running into the same issue. Is this a common problem?
  12. Do mlg gametypes in h3 work correctly? Or does the halo 3 forge issue mess them up?
  13. Never on this forum would I expect someone to brag about their banshee flying "legacy"..
  14. Have the in-game icons for h2c been fix yet or do we still only see colored targets?
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