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  1. i love being able to hear the crowd reaction. it really emphasizes awesome plays and wins

    lack of crowd noise is a pet peeve of mine, I can't help but feel like a weirdo when my gf comes home from work to me chilling with T2 and Elamite and his giggles. It feels really sterile. Like when you watch basketball and lebron dunks in an arena outside of ohio people still react viscerally, but when I see something sick in pro league and react to it it feels empty or awkward compared to when I see something on LAN and can hear a hundred other nerds oooh and aaah.
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  2. Thrust and sprint are solid contributors to the constant escape from gunfights. Players not being punished for their mistakes is not fun in my eyes.

    and while I disagree I can respect where that's coming from. But I would like it if we waited to cull one of the few new things that might be of merit for the sake of "classic" halo. Let's start with what we generally agree is bad, like nade hitmarkers, AR starts and radar.
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  3. I've heard that if nobody backs out after a match that you will always match the same people over and over because the system is just searching to fill the spots of players that left. But I can't confirm this.

    lately this seems like it might be true. My lobbies game to game are almost always 6+ of the same people. I matched the same to4 5 games in a row last night.

  4. First impression of this guy isn't far from what I've pictured. Wearing sunglasses inside drinking a mamosa. Repeatedly talking about being "highly intoxicated" and kinda just generally being a douche.


    But I do think higher of moneymatches watching and listening to this. Idk if I'll ever like the guy but I can accept him.


    Idk how successful or popular it'll be in halo, I but I can see it succeeding in other games.

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  5. Its crazy to me that 2 out of Str8, Panda, LG, EG, ALG and INC won't qualify for worlds but there's going to be 3 EU teams. Not that EU doesn't deserve spots, but there is probably 1 EU team that even belongs in the same tier as the NA teams that won't qualify. It blows my mind every time I think about worlds. Why not 16 teams? Why not even 8 NA teams? Itd still be bull shit, but it would at least itd be consistent with the pro league format. 

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  6. I have faith in everyone's best intentions. I'm sure this (while hard to accept) was in ESL NA's best interest. I just wish that there was a way that we weren't held hostage to whoever 343 is leasing their servers. I wish grassroots stuff wasn't so impractical. Shit, I wish I could just binge a weekend LAN party with some friends.


    Looking at prices, I could get drive a couple hours to omaha or kansas city and get a round trip for for under 200 if I skip class and fly back monday, but then I'd have taken 2 days off class, 2-3 nights off work. And for what? To fly out to a fucking jiffy lube in SoCal by myself where only 12 teams are going to be (only 7 of them NA).


    It just fucking sucks that these collaborative efforts look like shit. It's literally embarrassing to show someone proleague videos with spectator mode or LAN footage of HCS Red 2 giving the blue team the business with 8 players, 2 coaches and 2 casters all talking at once.


    I'm not going to shit on this too much because I think we all understand that no one thinks this is ideal. ESL isn't some terrible company. 343i/ Microsoft isnt trying to kill Halo. But the only way we can grow is when people like me can point halo and say "look, this is fucking awesome" to a friend and not be afraid that they can't look past all of the glaring problems.


    This scene is just a cycle of hype and disillusionment haha


    I really hope you guys in California (and otherwise more capable of going) do show up and support the event. I hope it's successful and I can tweet the stream without a friend telling me to DL Dota or get on CoD.

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