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  1. Can Bravo quit his awesome job to be a full time observer for us?
  2. fun fact: Oregon and New Jersey are the only states where its illegal to pump your own gas. Bonus fact: the Galapagos Penguin is the only species that can be found north of the equator. Bonus bonus fact: the majority of Galapagos Penguins still live south of the equator.
  3. You would have to look at overall accuracy, per game would be pretty misleading statistically. Example: if someone hits 40/50 shots in a 3min ctf game and 200/500 in a slayer. Per game they would have an average of 60% Overall though it would be 43.6%
  4. i thiiiink that if all 4 and the coach split from the org and stay together they'd be able to complete. Let me just check that rulebook...
  5. anecdotal, obviously, but I wasn't really around for worlds last year. I would have happily helped the crowd fund that, but I just thought competitive halo had died a while ago with reach, h4 and not finding a game for 2 months in MCC. I wouldn't be surprised if the competitive population has only grown. Its hard to imagine anyone who stuck it out through all of that bailing now. Again, only anecdotal.
  6. I don't claw or use paddles and I'm not a team arena champion. Coincidence??
  7. 1. Truth (I know, sue me) 2. The Pit 3. Lockout 4. Midship/Heretic 5. Construct 6. Sanctuary 7. Amplified 8. Beaver Creek 9. The symmetrical h3 map that came out in the last dlc? 2 snipers, 2 ovies and rockets 10. Coli
  8. The HCS Podcast is improving week to week. SS is a lot better in that setting imo. I'm pretty starved for content by Monday and Tuesday and pretty saturated Thursday-Sunday, I wish The Pit or The Listen In would come out on a monday.
  9. Optic might be a bigger console fps brand, but EG was the first big NA brand. I really doubt Snipedown and Towey would give it up to join a team that has that kind of dysfunction. IF Roy and Lunch retire then Snipedown and Suspector are almost definitely staying put. I could see Snipedown possibly leaving if they don't. It would be tough to see, but I don't think anyone would say he doesn't 'deserve' to play on a top team. Does anyone know what happens if a pro-seed gets abandoned, anyway? The top am gets it?
  10. Have we confirmed that any proteams are planning on going?
  11. Optic and Liquid are almost definitely more talented individually than anyone theyre gonna face. And playing against the very best teams in the world every week isnt going to make you worse. I'd bet at least optic doesn't get relegated. Less confident about liquid, but theyre just sick individual players, its hard to see them losing.
  12. A little late, but good luck to everyone playing today.
  13. Im sure its already been discussed, but I'm (relatively) new around here and haven't really played halo like this since h3: what do you guys think is roughly the equivalent of an "MLG 50" in this game? TA 1800? 2000? 1500?
  14. I think that all 6 teams are probably deserving of a shot on LAN, but IMO it adds a lot of weight to each pro league matches when 2 teams face relegation and 2 more get left on an island. If everyone made the playoffs why have a season, ya know?
  15. https://twitter.com/MrAdamAp/status/751794413635039232 "@ me"- esl But seriously, seeing the push for this by the community and by Adam is awesome.
  16. Damn. Watching HCS makes me wanna hope on MM bad despite the fact I work in 8 hours.
  17. Its complete moot but I wish they'd hype up the mikwin vs ninja battles. I remember when reach came out and watching both of their streams thinking "idk who they are but these kids are sick".
  18. Eco getting snipedown 1 shot and dropping court just to get perfected across map by him is my spirit animal.
  19. It sounds like you don't hangout much on waypoint. Your halo forum experience is probably much more positive than most. It's pretty cancerous over there most of the time unfortunately. Here "negative" posts are at least supported with reason and still are met with discourse. Over there its just spam of the same shitthreads being posted over and over and other people making the same shit threads bumping the same things.
  20. Does anyone have a soundcloud link for the pit? I'm at work and Russillo is off today so I need something to play and my phone will melt if I stream twitch for that long.
  21. I'd love to shoot off some of my takes, pontificate and generally filibuster, but theyre probably community members that have been around longer/have more clout.
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