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  1. 15 hour drive back from Canada delayed 2 hours because a road was washed out. Already caught up on the thread. I'm more excited than I'll let anyone in this car know about based @@Snip3down opening up his rebroadcasts. Can't wait to get my first look at this money 8s team. #blessed
  2. If nV takes more than 3 games off CLG in 13/14 I'll be shocked. There's no way CLG doesn't come out ready to play and there's no way nV is polished enough. The earliest the scrim will be is Wednesday with CLG's "break", no? The most we can hope for, imo, is both teams only drop a series to eachother in season play (and even that is a pretty huge leap) and then a showdown on LAN. Aww shit, I'm on the hypetrain and pretending like I'm being level headed.
  3. Huke leaving E6 for Lethuls spot is the only move "as big as Lethul joining E6" Anything less than Huke replacing Rayne and the only storm thats brewing is a shitnado *Mr Lahey meme here* Edit: i need a meme tutorial or something. Someone teach me
  4. Snipedown on nV has me hyped https://clips.twitch.tv/snip3down/InnocentFlyDeExcite P.S.Watching pros random onyxes is getting kinda old.
  5. I'm going to be beyond disappointed if Snipedown to nV doesn't happen, but I have this nagging feeling. It was good to see Naded get a shot last night. I personally thought they looked better than the forum's favorite duo of duos.
  6. broooo, now you're gonna try to argue the definition of 'consensus' is just your opinion too?
  7. Hypothetically speaking? or ? Slightly off topic, I had 3 and was looking for 1 to go to 2050. Wouldve been my first LAN since 2010. Then my gf reminded me that my buddy had inconsiderately planned his wedding for that weekend and made me a groomsmen
  8. Hot take: I don't think nV should make a change unless they can get Snipedown, and even then I wouldn't necessary advocate for it. eL Town is a really solid player that makes good decisions. Something that in H5 seems especially important, which leads me into... Hotter take: Mikwen might be "the problem", he is undoubtedly one of the premier slayers in this game, but what makes him so good is also what costs him and his team a lot of games. With no factual basis for this stat; I think he averages 15+ (aka hyperbole) deaths a slayer game, win or lose. He can, and does, go for 40 kills a game but he also can flat out lose you games that get decided in split second decisions. I don't think its something that can't be corrected, and I think you need a player of his upside to even start talking about challenging CLG. Bonus fact: antarctic penguin species have no fear of humans because they have no natural predators on land.
  9. Honestly, something someone can queue up and feel like they're going to get better at Halo. The reason I watch scrims and get on when I have time is because I like to compete against myself and feel like I'm improving at something. Ill bet a lot of people are similar, even people who don't follow HCS. I'm not asking you to even make me better, just make me feel like watching might be worth it because there might be some insight or strategy that helps me. (I think)Shocwave used to make gametype guides in h3 that I just ate up
  10. Does the fact that Activision (sp?) own MLG and Call of Duty factor into why they weren't really given a chance to run pro league?
  11. If Roy and Lunch are staying then I could see Snipedown ending up on Allegiance, if he went anywhere.
  12. h5 match making is designed to give you "competitive games" (which is kind of a joke) and purposely manipulating the system to get games you can't lose is kinda shitty for every other player who doesn't even have a chance in those games. Idk what that has to do with h2 or 3. Not that I don't understand why someone would make a smurf. Social playlists are pretty lacking in h5.
  13. Has anyone mapped the start button to their paddles yet?
  14. LANiac? https://clips.twitch.tv/bthmaniac/EasyHerdFUNgineer edit: always late
  15. My guess is ESL or 343 picked up The Pit. That would explain why Audley wasn't sharpening his pitchforks with us. Shill
  16. Almost goosed, but still never first rounded. thanks for the tournaments @@CyReN, @@Saucey and everyone else who puts them on. Its been a fucking blast every time. For future reference, can just I be premium or does everyone on my team need to be?
  17. This is a competitive Halo forum. There is a 4 team tournament we've spent the last 2 months seeing who will be playing in. The week of we find out we don't even get to see the whole thing, and without much explanation as to why. Honestly, I watch your stream and am generally an apologist for you, but this is pretty lame dude.
  18. I was actually amped for a second when I read this. Reynad actually mentioned he was looking into getting a CoD or Halo team last fall.
  19. Id also like to add that with almost 5 hours of game time with paddles I'm still not a champion.
  20. I just broke my 2nd $60 controller earlier this week. So naturally I bought a $150 elite. Microsoft's business model is genius.
  21. One last kick to a dead horse, H5 is sooo much better to watch on LAN than spectator mode. Sniper kills actually seem to have a rhyme or reason to when they connect, pistols looks skillful and the railgun actually connects.
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